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Deepika Bhatnagar

The soul was lost in thy realms,
In the illusionary paths of thy empire.
In whose pious land intermingled,
Every longing, every desire.
Boundations of time were all broken,
As the threads of our hearts were interwoven.
Paths were lost and souls were bound,
In that eternity slowly relinquished was, 
Every desire to be found.
 #yqbaba #yqenglish #love #poem #soul #english #life #yqdidi

ସୁଜିତ୍ କୁମାର ମିଶ୍ର

My third poem in English.

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Like the Great Himalaya,
the warriors  around us are impervious,
Now they are unstoppable
against the vicious virus.
Have a glance at them,
boiling in the intense heat,
traveling in the catastrophic cold,
wetting often in the ruined rain,
their getting together seems
the Great Wall of China,
still no shadow of sorrow
spreads in their heroic flame.
They let us know
we are their family,
singing with us,
dancing with us, merry making with us
forgetting flows of odds,
Like the lion
they always sprang upon the enemy  cleverly and courageously.
Finally they embrace the soil of burial site
leaving alive all the golden memory,
Oh God! sprinkle your blessings upon them and their
family ,
let them go on waking tirelessly till
their final journey.

=SUJIT= My third poem in English.

ସୁଜିତ୍ କୁମାର ମିଶ୍ର

My first poem in English.

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Hey, come on,
go on running,
the road of victory
is not far from,
Why have you sat yet
under the tree,
keeping hand on your head,
Lamenting over 
 the defeated infectious giant don't
let you swim in the Sea,
It has come and will go
if you have belief in God,
do  stand by its threatening
by staying safe, remain aloof
at your home.
=SUJIT= My first poem in English.

Archanaa Ahuja

Happy Holi Poem in English... #Poetry

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Akhil Sharma

first time in english @nojotoenglish english poem Sunrise

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be my love 
you are my love

ooo noo my love
[ just happy to have u my love
 you r my love
 cute but still my love
: what i say my love...
 come to me... stay with me
: missing u my love
my love
 i never take advantage of your love
 but u can take... my love

©Akhil Sharma first time in english 


Snigdharani Panda

The blue sky with iridescent, 
In a aurora skinny flower print. 
Faded like waterless flowers, 
Runs with the cascade of clouds. 
The epiphany of the scene, 
Looks like nature runs for ice-cream.  #sky #english #yqdidi #yqenglish #poem #challenge