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Nidhi the diffuser

The evil that hurts me #SAD

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#victim #humiliation #Evil #story #મસ્તાન

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White Humiliation is the great mother.

©મસ્તાન #victim #humiliation #Evil #story #મસ્તાન

Priya Mishra

it is priya #लव

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Look at you trying your best
Dozens you have recruited
I assure you I will pass the test
Your victory has been deluded

To me you're just a pest
Like a tiny little mosquito
I never would have guessed
But you have an oversized ego

Insignificant and irrelevant
Your actions are worthless
Pointless and very infantile
I find you absolutely useless

Problematic and troublesome
Drama follows you everywhere
Talking so much about nothing
I'm outnumbered but that's fair

©Schizology 2

#two #issues #Evil

Ananta Dasgupta

Destruction of evil and creation of purity. 
Demolition of vindiction and birth of morality. 
Ripping the darkness into pieces
And pouring the seed of light. 
Turn every materialistic approach into ashes
And smear it on my forehead. 
Open your eye of fire and burn the lust. 
Howl with the spirits while dancing naked. 
Reap, burn and thwack whatever comes in front.
Keep your trident blood soaked when you're on your hunt.

©Ananta Dasgupta #Shiva #mahadev #Destroyer #Evil #purity #anantadasgupta

Revati Revati

it is true 🥹 #ಶಾಯರಿ

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Vaishnavi Mali

is it...🥀nobody #Life

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ram patil

it is a student #शिक्षण

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Manashri Kasralikar

15 years it is #Love

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