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Mahadev Nayak

stay with me.. #Stay

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Vishal Sharma

Stay with me

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Dawoli aala

stay with me

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तुम साथ हो ना,
बस युँ ही रहना।

                                 :-Dawoli aala stay with me

meri shayari

stay with me #शायरी

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सुना है लोग मोहब्बत करके बिछड़ जाते हैं
ऐसा करो तुम मुझसे नफ़रत कर लो
 और मेरे साथ ही रहो stay with me

Yamini Reddy

stay #with me

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Try to distance the distance in our relation.

❤️❤️ stay #with me

Pinklin rajput


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कहीं बनकर हवा उड़ तो ना जाओगे
कहीं बनकर घटा दिल पे छा जाओगे stay#with#me

Sneha Mishra

stay with me once......

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Stay with me
just for once.....
To listen to our
favourite song.
To dance the night...
To sing Together.
To see the blooming
 too pretty Flowers.
To see the Stars
lighting the sky.
Stay with me
just for once.....
-Sneha Mishra stay with me once......

abhishek pandey

stay with me🔥 #Quote

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Nikhil Sarswat

stay with me..😔 #बात

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Aman Verma

Do please stay with me.

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As I look into your eyes, I see the beauty of the sky which is radiating with the rays of sun, when the sun arises in the sky.

When your smile envelopes your face, it seems that all the miseries of the world are about to end and joy will take it's place.
When you put the strands of your hair behind your ear, the blush on your face is  mesmerizing and bewitched my eyes. 
Everything about you is eccentric and pleasing to my eyes, but it's your voice which stole my heart away.

Your eloquent voice captivates me and makes me forget the sorrows of my life and puts me in a trance from which I never want to get out. 
Do please stay with me for eternity. Do please stay with me.