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Bo breakup hi kya

bo pyar ki kya jo tumha poet na bana da jo tumha khulka hasna na sikha da or tumhara akho ma sara sapna na da da.
bo pyar hi kya jo tumha akhala pan sa larna na sikha da.
bo pyar hi kiya jo tumha insan pa yakin karna sikha da.
bo pyar hi kya jo tumha uska pic dhakna par tumha rula na da.

Ab iska or ek form

Bo breakup hi kya jo tumha sayar na bana da
bo breakup hi kya jo tumha uska bara ma likh na sikha da
bo breakup hi kya jo tumha akala pan ko dost bana na sikha da
bo breakup hi kya jo tumha insan na bana da.
bo breakup hi kya jo tumha pen or paper sa pyar karna na sikha da
bo breakup hi kiya jo firsa uska pic dhaka isbar uski yado ma hasa na da.

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SRK fan uses dialogues from Raees in a job interview, gets the job
#SRK #Raees #JobInterview #JobHumour #FAN #SRKFan

A man, who claims to be the biggest fan of Shahrukh Khan recently gave an interview for a Sales profile in a Start-up firm. He answered all questions using the dialogues from the upcoming movie Raees and managed to get the job. Here are some excerpts from the interview:
Interviewer - Why should we hire youSRK Fan - Mere paas Baniye ka dimaag aur Miyanbhai ki daring haiInterviewer - Why do you want to work for a start-up like ours?SRK Fan - Ammi Jaan kehti thi, koi dhandha chhotaa nahi hota aur dhandhe se bada koi dharm nahi hotaInterviewer - It's a sales job, you will have to be calm while dealing with prospective customers.SRK Fan - Gussa shaitan ka hunar hai, isliye haraam haiInterviewer - We have working Saturdays and sometimes working Sundays too. Are you okay with it?SRK Fan - Jo dhandhe ke liye sahi vo sahi..Jo dhande ke liye galat vo galatInterviewer - Since we are a start-up, we can offer you some profit share but no fixed salary and no job security.SRK Fan - Agar katne ka daar hota na....toh patang nahi chalata...firki pakadtaInterviewer - You are hired. You can join from tomorrow.SRK Fan - Aa raha hun

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I can be your Shah Rukh Khan(SRK) knowing that you are his ardent fan.

I can quaff the pain to save you from every possible danger.

I can be the black mole of your lips if you desire.

If you want me to abhor you, sorry, I can't do it.

I am choosing you instead of success as you are my mascot.

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!!💛DOSTTI💛!!                                                                                        dossti thi khaa jo breakup hota                                                        dossttt-iiiii thi kha jo breakup hota..aa                                                  are thii to itani k mne jaan -ne ki kosis ki                                          buss orr kya ???                                                                                         dostti hai yaa nhi .....                                                                                  mne jaan ne ki kosis or bss ,                                                                  kosis ki bss jaan ne ki..2                                                                         dostti thi kha jo breakup hota , hotaa..aa to ..Ooo ,dostti thii ...     ye saayad ho saktaa hai  usne saayad samzaa hi kabb tha ke dostti hai ..; Hamare darmiyaa -n .....                                                                              ho saktaa hai .., ho sktaa hai,, vaham tha mera ..vaham tha..aa mera..2                                                                                                       vaham hi shii , parr mne to dostti hi samzaa tha jise ....                    jo hishaa thaa aham meraa...!!

dosstii thi khaa jo breakup hotaa 💛💔💔💔..😍😍😍...❤❤❤...#dosttii#BreakUp#bojoto poetryss#thoughts#qutos#nojotowriters#nojotolove#...

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