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Tushar Gupte

Near & Fear

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Remedial rhyming word of Fear is Near Near & Fear


Hy!! see what I hear,
Since it become year
I was so fear,
that,i can't control my tear.
When I knew u only treat me as a bear,
still, silly me care u as my dear.
See not even u know that what i love toweyar,
u make such a fake premises full of  swear.
Now see in my story u r already clear,
And i m not allowing u to be near.
Even i forget the first day u appear,
To make my heart disappear.
Till now I was mishear,
Which throw me into world full of fear.
Finally,i succeed to Goodbye my last year,
And i feel  i am over with u dear.

@emotional_word721 #year #Fear #clear #near #appear #staysafe #Stay #hand #Love #Care ❤🌼

jitendar kasana

#for dear and near

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friends near #no fear# #Life

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Kapil Sharma

near assi ghat.. #nojotophoto

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 near assi ghat..