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Zareen Sheikh


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Bharath Nandibhatla

Tick Talk. #Time #ticktock #TikTok

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I stare at the clock,
Ever so intimated,
by all that it represents.

Ticking away, brutally so.
Or not ticking at all, ruthlessly so.
It ticks and it tocks.
It runs and it walks.

What I can never fathom though,
is how Time poses a new question
with its every tick, whilst knowing
it is the very answer. Time.

Every tick, a rhetoric.
Every tock, a deadlock.

You and I may have 
tricks up our sleeves.
But not enough ticks.

Through the clock, it ticks.
Through this poem, it talks. Tick Talk.

#time #ticktock #tiktok

Preeti Karn

बेवजह खटका जो आंख मे
नजरों से गिर गया
बावजहा निगाहों में बस गया था 
दिल मे उतर गया
आंखों में छिपे राज़ थे
कहानी हो गई
आंखों  की बात पल मे ही 
आंखों से कह गया।


messenger Prajapat #कविता

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bulati hai Magar jaane ka nahin mere bhai kaise chale jaaye bhai Gulati bhi nahin hai

©Sanjay messenger Prajapat

alka mishra

बन जाऊं क़ासिद दिल की आरजू यही
लोगों के माज़ी का मैं यूं एहतराम करूँ
एहसास दर्ज करतीं छुअन से उँगलियाँ,
उन हाथों को चूम चूम कर सलाम करूँ
मुझे मिल जाये मुर्शिद मेरी जुस्तजू यही
घूम कर शहर भर जीने का इंतजाम करूँ
निगाहों से छू कर सही करे मेरी गलतियां।
ले कर न सिर पर गुनाहों का इल्ज़ाम मरूं।
©अलका मिश्रा

©alka mishra #क़ासिद

shital waghmare

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Khaby Lame | TikToker #Khabylame #TikTok #ViralVideo #प्रेरक

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Dr. Intaajuur Rahman

I had a lust. 
Lust for double blue tick, 
And online turning to typing...  #lust #messenger #yqbaba

Lovey Panaag

#OpenPoetry  Tere Dil di gal mehsoos kra 
Naina de Messenger cho
Mere lyi metho zyada khaas hun
Ho gyi tu stranger ton
Dar lggda ni mainu duniya ton
Daraa wakh hon de danger ton
Mere jazbaat'an di kadar paundi 
Naina de Messenger cho 
Ni tere dil di gal mehsoos kra 
Naina de Messenger cho    
- ✍ LOVEY PANAAG #Romantic #Messenger #Nain

Amit Jotwani

The gentle, caressing breeze, 
transmitter of inner lament, 
glides like a tender tune 
giving subtle hints 
of the yearn 
that lovers harbour
but do not express 
due to love's strange logic.

The ardour of lovers 
bows down in gratitude 
to these loyal messengers 
for their unconditional service 
in fertilising their unions. 

     #love #messenger #YoPoWriMo #yqbaba