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love story #Love

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Bhupendra saini lAS

love story shayari video love story #शायरी

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love story #कॉमेडी

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Misty morning of Munnar #mistymorning #MUNNAR #Beautiful #Amazing #status #Videos

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Himanshu Dwivedi

#Happy birthday ash ketchum 😈 #Videos

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Samar Pratap Singh

Sad love story sad love story

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Prince Martin


 In the story "AND THEN THERE WAS MARTIN," Martin finds himself in a new timeline after being teleported by Winter Guy. He meets the Librarian, his variant who has collected stories from the infinite multiverse.  The Librarian tells Martin that the Time Collide has already happened and Abyss is killing all the variants. To protect Martin, the Librarian gives him a golden key to find his answers and also a way to seal Abyss.

Martin then opens a red door using the golden key and steps foot in the past timeline, the Timekeepers' zone. However, he is caught by the Time patrols and taken to prison. Martin demands to meet the Timekeeper and claims to be a Time traveler. The Timekeeper rushes towards Martin and recognizes him as Winter Guy,  the king of the winter empire and the protector of the universe. After a short conversation, the Timekeeper guides Martin on how to travel in time.

Martin then opens a portal and travels to the season land event, where he tries to prevent the Gods from punishing Ze-pos-des for breaking the rules. After a long discussion, the Gods agree with Martin's alternative solutions and give him the responsibility of protecting Sara. Martin then switches himself with Sara's meeting partner and meets her. He advises her to have patience and wait for her pair to be made from above.

Later, Martin senses a strong energy and discovers the Dream Walkers Boundary. He enters the boundary and finds that the protectors, Zunaku and Zunakee, have gone wild. Martin then rushes towards the Gods with an idea to sent Zunaku and Zunakee to the underworld. However, the Gods don't agree with Martin's plan as they have already been manipulated by a previous time traveler. Martin then decides to create a new hero, Sebastian, by traveling a little forward in time.

Martin leaves for his epic journey and creates a new hero, Sebastian, to find out the truth about Zunaku and Zunakee. However, Martin glitches out and is teleported beyond the timelines in the large library where he meets the Librarian once again. The Librarian tells Martin that someone else has messed up with the things that Martin built. The Librarian then takes Martin to a parallel universe called Universe One to prevent a chaotic one from altering any events.
Afterwards, the Librarian opens another portal for their next mission, but Martin is missing. It is revealed that Abyss has taken Martin to a post-apocalyptic setting to kill him. Martin then fights back and seals Abyss's powers to contain him in the Lost Dimension. Exhausted and wounded, Martin is found by the Librarian, who brings him to their chamber for healing.

Once Martin recovers, the Librarian informs him that they have one last mission to undertake. They travel to a timeline where twin stars named Martin and Marcus are born. Martin then resets the entire timeline but finds himself glitching and teleported back to the chaotic event, the Time Collide. The Librarian pulls him to the corner and hands him a book to deliver to Mercy in the timeline of 2099.

Martin then travels back in time, brings a Dream Walker to 2099, and gives Mercy a nightmare about the Time Collide event. Lastly, Martin places the book in Mercy's bookshelf, leading her to create a time-traveling device.

The story explores themes of time travel, alternate realities, and the consequences of one's actions. It emphasizes the importance of patience, problem-solving, and taking responsibility for one's actions. The story also highlights the power of determination, intelligence, and creativity in overcoming challenges and solving problems.

©Prince Martin #emotional_sad_shayari
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Vidya Viddu

Love story #Shayari

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Prince Martin

White  The chime of the doorbell pierced through the quiet solitude of my evening, startling me from the comfortable silence that had enveloped my home. As I approached the door, a sense of trepidation mingled with curiosity within me.

Upon opening it, my eyes were met with the unfamiliar sight of a woman standing before me. Dressed in a simple yet elegant dress, she exuded an air of uncertainty that seemed to emanate from her very presence.

'May I help you, Miss?' I inquired, trying to conceal the surprise in my voice.

'My name is Jenelia,' she responded, her voice soft and melodious. 'It seems I have experienced an unfortunate incident with my vehicle just a few blocks from here.'

Hesitantly, I invited her inside, the genuine innocence in her eyes overriding my initial apprehension. As she settled at my kitchen table, sipping cautiously on the cup of tea I had prepared, I learned that she was new to this town, having recently moved here from a distant land.

Over the course of the next few hours, as Jenelia's unassuming demeanor gradually lowered my defenses, I found myself drawn to her quiet strength and the ease with which she seemed to fit into my world. Days turned into weeks, and our friendship grew stronger with each passing encounter.

Jenelia's presence inexplicably filled my life with a warmth and light that I had never known before. Her unannounced visits became a welcome staple in my routine, her smile a beacon of radiance that could brighten even the cloudiest of days.

The conversations we shared flowed effortlessly, connecting us on a level that transcended the boundaries of time and space. I found myself sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with her, a level of vulnerability I had never dared to exhibit with anyone else.

As our bond deepened, I couldn't help but wonder what my life would have been like had Jenelia never crossed my path. Her presence had become so integral to my existence that the mere thought of our separation sent a shiver down my spine.

Looking back, I realize that while my life had been complete before Jenelia's arrival, it was her unexpected intrusion that had made it truly exceptional. Her presence had illuminated my world in ways I never could have imagined, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

©Prince Martin #Night #story #Love #Jene 
#Love #story

Kashif Ali Big Boss

love story with Kashif Ali Big Boss and Pooja Rajput #लव

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