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Along prince

chiang mai thailand #Life

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alone prince

©Along prince chiang mai thailand


chiang hangs men's jana

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Poshali Gupta

Inspirational Story Story of your Life! #meresapne

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story of life #story #Poetry

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Anurag Srivastava

Ted talk

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A TED Talk

Sitting down:- Hand on her thigh.
Walking:- Hold her hand or arm around her.
Public Setting:- Hand on the small of her back.
Home:- Hand in her undies or snuggled up or
on her butt or on a boob or playing with her
hair or in her mouth or in her.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Ted talk


Small Story of Life #Challenge #story of life

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Small Story of Life

 Life is gift of god its beautiful enjoy a single moments of life.
 In a life troubles are there but don’t worry keep going.
 In this world everybody have good time bad time.
 Most important is be ready to accept challenges.
 In this life we should remember who support in our bad time.
I know nothing is easy to achieve anything its necessary to struggle
Without struggle nothing is possible.
I think we should live a happy life because once time is gone never come back.
Sometimes we think life is boring but it’s wrong life is not boring our thinking is boring
We are not taking interest in life so is boring.
We think we should always have a good time when our time is good we enjoy but when bad time 
Come we are nervous why because we are loser we cannot face bad time.
Enjoy both days good days and bad days because good time is not fix its small happy but bad time is always there its teach us how to live life.

Author – Pradeep H Hivare
 Small Story of Life  #challenge #Nojoto #story of life


story of life #wishes

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Mahafuj Alam

Story of Life #Motivational

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Life of story' #जीवनअनुभव

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ਸਿੰਘ ਜਸਪਿੰਦਰ

story of life

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jisnu tusi dil jaan to chahunde hovo aur ohi insan tuhada sab kuch khatam kar deve ta ki karna chahida?
mera to sucide karn nu dil karda story of life