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Bharath Nandibhatla

Skyline. But horizon's a curve. #Skyline #horizon #NAPOWRIMO

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The horizon is indeed a lie,
a beautiful one at it, though.
When the sky bows down
to meet the sea, his beau,
a noble act of love, innit?

Unlike the urban skyline
where buildings soar
in vain to reach the sky.
A falsehood taken seriously.

Yes, nature lied to us
about the distant horizon.
So we build a towering lie?

The horizon has set me
on voyages to the beyond.
The skyline has merely
dwarfed me to a blatant lie.
 Skyline. But horizon's a curve.

#skyline #horizon

Manasseh Ayinaparthi

#Closed not but #close

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Closed things are Dark ; 
as of like a Shuttered Doors .
Close things are Bright ;
as of like a Shining light 
through the Swinging Curtains . #closed not but #close


to the close friend #Happiness

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Snigdha Singh

Horizon - Where Earth meets the Sky # hope # horizon

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I gaze at the horizon as far as my eyes reach 
With hope,  desire and a question 
Will my dream and the destination ever meet,  
Just the way Earth meets the Sky? 
And will the sight of that meeting be
As fulfilling as the sight of this red horizon of twilight? 
And gradually the redness fades away and Sun is shining bright up in the sky 
And this serene view has instilled the hope again,  
My dawn too shall arrive Horizon -  Where Earth meets the Sky 

# hope # horizon


#Identity The Horizon ❤ #poem

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‘The Horizon’

I have two ideologies:
1) I stand above the earth.
2) I stand below the sky.
When I realise that I'm above the earth,
the sky appears.
When I realise that I'm below the sky,
the earth appears.
I guess I'm the horizon.
-Lax #Identity The Horizon ❤

Dpk Kumar

close to soul The feeling of soul

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जब खुद के लिए जिया जाए गा
इश्क फिर रूह से किया जाए गा
हर माशूक फिर मीरा होगी 
जब हँस कर ज़हर पिया जाए गा close to soul
#The feeling of soul