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Jazbaati Shayar

dead #dead #शायरी

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Karma wins

Some people will never learn
One day it will come back
Blind to see what will come
Their only chance is to pack

They won't know beforehand
A surprise waiting out of sight
A gift that they will not like
They will want to take flight

Moving to them at any moment
Something that is going to scare
Instantly they will feel sorry
Just like their worst nightmare

They will pray that it ends
But nothing they do will help
They will not realize that 
It is just the start of the welts

It may be years away from now
Or it might be soon and quick
But they will never forget
When they are what Karma picks

©Schizology #Karma #evil #poem

Nidhi the diffuser

The evil that hurts me #SAD

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Avinash Garnepudi

#dead life #Travel

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#victim #humiliation #Evil #story #મસ્તાન

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White Humiliation is the great mother.

©મસ્તાન #victim #humiliation #Evil #story #મસ્તાન


#dead #Maut # #SAD

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Look at you trying your best
Dozens you have recruited
I assure you I will pass the test
Your victory has been deluded

To me you're just a pest
Like a tiny little mosquito
I never would have guessed
But you have an oversized ego

Insignificant and irrelevant
Your actions are worthless
Pointless and very infantile
I find you absolutely useless

Problematic and troublesome
Drama follows you everywhere
Talking so much about nothing
I'm outnumbered but that's fair

©Schizology 2

#two #issues #Evil

Himanshu Dwivedi

#Happy birthday ash ketchum 😈 #Videos

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Sonu Mehta

into the dead 2 #election

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SAD dead

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