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Rupesh Raveendran Pillai

in Mumbai #Shayari

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Vivek 8840

enjoy in Mumbai

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therapy #News

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Irfan Abbasi

Taz hotel in Mumbai #Reels #Mumbai #TazHotel #Life

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Akhil Kael

therapy #alone #Knowledge

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But they fail undrstnd I've dug my own grave a thousand times, buried, only to wake up the other day to fight, let the world know, Imma portal of fearlessness,
So what if it sounds world against me, I say be it,
Blistering fire of AK 47, not my prime weapon,
Words I vomit are troops landing at Normandy, Utah, Um-ah,
My hands no less than a blast of mg 42,
holding drumsticks...
My feet buried deep its a trench no hostile can come through..

©Akhil Kael therapy



#Smile #Therapy

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Smile is the best therapy

©Shaira Suman #Smile #Therapy

Sameer Gorakhpuri

long drive in Mumbai #Videos

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Sameer Gorakhpuri

Enjoy time in Mumbai #Videos

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Jiganshu Sharma

# book promotion in mumbai #Books

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 # book promotion in mumbai

Sameer Gorakhpuri

Enjoy time in Mumbai #Videos

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