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kristina romanova

Big Bang theory #Memes

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Hilal Hathravi

#Big #Bang #ishq

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एक हादसा हुआ
और ये दुनिया बनी,

एक हादसा हुआ
और हमारी दुनिया लुटी।

~हिलाल हथ'रवी


©Hilal Hathravi #Big #Bang #Ishq

Debojyoti Mandal

The cosmic egg (big bang) #big_bang #crack #Cracked

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The breathless journey we are unaware of.
Of the causes, events and their circumstances

Moulded in the darkness of unknowns 
Through their results, effects and consequences

But, we haven't changed much, still running
Same as our prayers, rituals and philosophies

Thanking you almighty, wish I could travel again 
when you CRACKED the Cosmic egg 
And brought us to life.

 The cosmic egg (big bang)

Yaduvanshi Vinu Yadav

bang bang #nojotovideo

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bang bang #Love

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Kanhu Behera

bang bang #suspense

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Rakesh Naik

Bang Bang Song!!!

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Amit Sarma

Big Bang! Drop a ❤️ if you like this #Poetry ! #poem

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Big Bang!

i'll love you
till the sun dies  
the stars fade
the planets grow cold
nothing stays alive.
 And when a new big bang happens,
i'll again start loving you.
My love fr u is eternal
like the universe. Big Bang! Drop a ❤️ if you like this #poetry !


nisar bang bang #फ़िल्म

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Almas Mondal

bang bang bang 😀😀😁😁 #न्यूज़

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