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When feeling lost 
I find meaning in
Everything that is around me,
I find meaning in
Old memories,
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
Myself .


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This philosopher 'predicted' what would happen in 2017

He was right about Trump and Modi. Will he be right about 2017?
Mention the name Nostradamus and some people will say that he predicted almost the entire history of humankind. Two of his 'predictions' seem to have come true with the victory of Donald Trump and the rise of Narendra Modi.
He 'predicted' the rise of "the great shameless, audacious bawler". Some people have interpreted this as being about Trump.
His prophecies written in four line verses called quatrains and in different languages have been open to study and interpretation for years now.
Here are some verses from his work that could very well be about what we can expect in 2017.

1. Floods and droughts

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

For forty years it will be seen every day.

The dry earth will grow more parched,

and there will be great floods when it is seen.

Possible Meaning:
Nostradamus could very well be talking about climate change which has been a big issue for years now. Will climate change reach fever pitch in 2017?

2. A battle during the sunset
Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.

A great nation is uncertain.

Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,

the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.

Possible Meaning:

Could this be about the attack on Mosul where Daesh is on the run?

3. A time of peace prosperity

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,

for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.

People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:

then wars will start up again.

Possible Meaning:

It would be great if there were no conflicts for a while. But the question is could we maintain the peace? Or would wars start again as is stated in the last verse of the quatrain.

4. A controversy in a royal family
Letters are found in the queen's chests,

no signature and no name of the author.

The ruse will conceal the offers;

so that they do not know who the lover is.

Possible Meaning:

Which country is it? With so much talk about the British monarchy in the past year, could it be about the Queen?

5. The waning power of the West
Twice put up and twice cast down,

the East will also weaken the West.

Its adversary after several battles

chased by sea will fail at time of need.

Possible Meaning:

In recent news, China and Russia have been on the rise. The United States will aim to focus on internal matters once Trump comes to power. The property mogul has time and again said that, with the help of his fellow Americans, he will "Make America great again". Could this affect the United States' power equation with countries in the Far East?

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Book quotes in Hindi Taking things simple instead of complicating it with our storm of emotions..
[read caption for the story dedicated to friendship]

(Don't just love without reading)
too long..

How you become friends with somebody?
When you are an introvert yourself!
So let's say this was the typical girl met a guy became friends and much more..
It was he,
who himself came to her for introduction with a handshake..
She being the typical shy on the outside,
Just smiled it off saying her name..
Guess what starts then?
The feelings & emotions get involved..
When only two people of the same age group exist,
Rest others are your seniors at work place..
So the mutual understanding & special preference for one another just exist without realising..
From working together,
To sharing chocolate's..
From teasing,
To complementing each other..
Saving each other from the unnecessary commotions..
Helping and doing each other's work..
Those getting concerned if one doesn't show up,
The mandatory good morning wishes..
Everything felt special and dear..
The absence felt when someone took up leaves,
The messing up & smirks every little moment was cherished..
They never spent time alone,
She always stayed aloof for she was scary little cat feared to be noticed..
Yet they always understood!
The phase when the relationship takes some twists loveable,
They finally exchanged numbers..
It started all over again with a *HI*
And prolonged to late hours of night when one finally announced they were sleepy..
Calls were still at bay,
As the one was always shy!
The connection kept growing strong,
For the one or the other always understood & compromised..
Now that's how a connection lives,
Both of them involved needs to adjust according to what situation demands..
We can't always stay stubborn and do as our heart says,
We need to stay low and let the high tide pass..
For the heart is always right,
But times when logic takes over nothing makes sense..
Here comes another phase which digs deep and joins their heart a few inches closer,
The calls !
The wait for the office hours to end and climb different buses,
And reach our stop when he was finally clear to call her and hear her say few words in her time alone till she reached home..
Those 15min became their favourite time spent together,
She may or may not be much of a speaker but even the silence meant everything..
The random office calls to calls just to see each other's face as the time been long..
To know the whereabouts of one another,
To finding reasons to dial each other numbers became a ritual..
Happiness and smiles were found in the little things,
Enquiring about one another eating habits to forcing the other to eat as their mood being not well..
They bloomed without any worries,
Not that they didn't fight or argue ever..
Offices and families did stress out,
But they did understand each other well to put no stress marks in their connection formed..
They knew there's no better stress buster they had than one another..
They were stuck with offices,
She being from a conservative family never met him out of office..
Those 8hrs of constant working,
Stealing glances was all they had themselves..
Things were going smooth,
They became very good friends without anyone knowing except them..
Time came when the bomb was thrown & meant to be exploded to crush the secure bubble they were in..
His Marriage?!
Then later she had to leave office forever..
These two consecutive events Did change many things but their bond is still thy same..
Apart yet always their for one another..
Her words on his big day,
Was the biggest achievement and the most trustworthy act of understanding that made them friends for life..
They last met in a library where she finally permitted herself to see him for the last time,
Shedding the inhibition of getting noticed!
They met over a cup of coffee amidst the other fellow student's staring making her conscious..
Though it lasted for just 10min,
It still remains etched..
Should they have hugged ?
Would it had ruined anything?
The only regret she has was to not hug him for the first & last time!
I guess sometimes keeping things simple,
Actually defines the essence of a relationship they shared..
No meet & greet,
No hugs shared,
Limited time spent together
Yet Getting yourself bound by a bond,
Understood by few known by many..
Simplicity was the essence of their relationship that keeps them going strong..
Enjoying one's happiness & sorrow's..
That's what life is all about,
Taking things simple instead of complicating it with our storm of emotions.
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Kahaniya upar wala likhta hai or hum sab uske kirdaar hai iska yakin muje hua par both waqt baad
Meri kahani mai sirf teen kirdaar hai ye koi love tringle to nahi par usse kam bhi nahi tha
Muje yaad hai jab maine 2013 June mai apna naya office join kiya us waqt mai already 5 saal se relationship mai tha vo relationship aisa tha jiski shruat bhi kisi kahani se kam nahi thi par agar mai usse btaane lag jaau to shayad ik puri kitab likhni padjaigi , Aaj mai apko btaaunga kis trha pyar se pyar ka connection hota hai or kaise pyar mai se hi ik or pyar ka janam hota hai
Jab mai office gaya to hum karib 10 log the jinhone ek sath join kiya tha dheere dheere sabki dosti gehrati gai or hum sab mai achi bonding hogai , sab ik dusre ko apni apni baatein khulke btaane lage maine bhi sabko apne ik laute pyar ke bare mai khulke btaaya , shayad un sab mai se koi ek thi jisse meri kahani sabse jada choo gai or use najane ku mairi baatein achi lagne lagi both jaldi vo or mai both ache dost bhi ban gaye or phir vo mairi jindagi ka ek aeham hissa bangayi , Vo ab har chij janaa chahti thi shayad maira mairi gf ke liye jo pyar usne dekha us pyar ne use kisi uske karibi ki yaad diladi , mai hamesha se shayad phle din se janta tha khi vo dheere dheere maire karib aati jarahi thi , mai janta tha ki mai uska kabhi nahi ho sakta kunki mai phle se kisi or ka tha or vo bhi ye ache se janti thi , par kai baar aisa lagta tha shayad mai jisse pyar samaj raha hu vo uski maire liye hamdardi ho kunki usne muje kai baar pareshan or rote hue dekha tha vo janti thi ki mai apne pyar ki vjaha se kitni mushkilo se gujar raha tha par phir bhi vo hamesha muje sirf yahi samjati thi ki ek din sab thik hojaiga , vo janti thi ki meri GF jo kuch maire sath kari thi vo kahi na kahi galat tha par phir bhi vo hamesha usi ki side leti thi ,
Phir ik din aisa aaya jisne muje ye saaf kardiya ki uska pyar maire liye kis had tak tha , vo rat mai kabhi nahi bhul sakta , hum office ki ek official party mai the or sab jante the ki mai ek heavy drunker hu or is baat ki sabse jada chid meri us khaas dost ko bhi thi , par us din vo aayi or usne kaha ki “ I wana try once “ I asked what “ she said vodka “ maine kaha pagal hai kya tu its all bad don’t do this , usne kaha nahi muje krna hai maine kaha phir kabhi karliyo mere samne mat kr usne insist kiya to maine kaha itne log hai kisi ko kehde leayega but she said no I just want to drink with you , mai uske drink laya or hum pub se bahar out area mai akela bethe the , baatein hone lagi us waqt meri gf or meri karib 10-15 din se baat nahi hui thi mai both upset tha or shayad vo hamare break ka phla padaav tha , Hum dono bethe the maine Cigrate jalayi to usne har baar ki traha manna nahi kiya ulta muje le li or peene lagi maine rokne ki both koshish ki par vo maani nahi ,mai samaj nahi paraha tha vo aisa ku kari us din mai usse dekh tut gaya or naajane kab ro pada usne apna hath maire hatho par rakha or bade pyar se bola “ Love kab tak isi trha pareshaan rahega jindagi both badi kab tak aise jiyega “ maine bhi gusse mai bol diya tuje kya pta teri life to set hai tuje kya tension hai ‘ achanak usne hath hata liya or vaha se jane lagi maine uska hath pakda or rok kar usse vahi bitha diya, ye phli baar tha jab maine uski ankho mai aansu dekha , uski ankhe 3-4 seconds mai laal surkh ho chuki thi , maine kaha kya hua tuje to usne kaha kuch nahi , par usdin muje phli baar laga ki kuch to hai jo mujse chupa hai , maine phir pucha please btaa kya baar hai usne kuch nahi kaha , is baar maine uske hatho par hath rakhaa or phli baar use kaha tu both achi or ache log rote hue ache nahi lagte maine usse kaha maine tujse acha insaan kabhi nahi dekha , Usne muje kaha or maine tujse acha pyar karne waala, mai haspdaa or vo bhi , maine use kaha ab both hogya mai is relationship ko aage nahi bdaaunga , phli baar usne bhi kaha ki ye teri personal life hai or tu hi sahi decision le sakta hai , is baar usne ya nahi kaha sab thik hojiaga par ik hint degai ki ab sab khatam karne mai hi sahi hai , phir hum dono ander gaya or dance kiya or thodi der baad hum apne apne ghar chal diye

Raaste bhar mai sochta raha uske bare mai or ik last baar maine apni gf ko phone krke pucha what do you want “ she said break up “ maine bhi gusse mai kehdiya bhaad mai ja, ghar jakar maine nashe mai apni dost payal ko phone kiya or baatein karne laga pta nahi kab ghanto nikal gaye baatein krte krte hum dono emotional hogaye maine usse pucha “ do you love me “ usne kaha tu nashe mai subha sab bhul jaiga maine kaha I am serious , usne kaha maire pass koi answer nahi hai iska, maine kaha aj ha bol ya na muje janaa hai , usne kaha tu apni gf se pyar karta to maire pyar karne na karne se kya farak padega both der hum behsas krte rahe par shayad sahi kehte hai daaru hamesha sach bolti hai or hamari baat I love you par akar khatam hui ,agle din na maine payal ko phone kiya na usne vo long weekend tha hum dono office mile par dono koi aisi baat nahi ki jisse us raat ka zikr ho par ab dono ik dusre ko ignore kar rahe the , ik sham uska phone aaya or usne kaha love mai ghar jarahi hu tere liye kuch laau maine kaha nahi abi rehan de birthday pe tujse kuch achaa hi manglunga usne kaha nahi jo chaiye abi bol maine kaha are pagal hai kya mai maajak kraa tha usne kaha nahi bol birthday pe kya chaiye ye January ka mahina tha 2015 or maira birthday September mai tha to maine use kaha abi both waqt hai par vo jidd krne lagi to maine kaha jo dil ho dediyo usne kaha pakka maine kaha ha pakka , Jab vo lauti ik pyari shirt laayi use pta tha ki 12th feb ko mairi behan ki shadi thi and she was invited , maine usse kaha tuje aana hai pakka phle usne both mnaa kiya usne kaha nahi teri GF bhi ayegi usse bura lagega maine kaha I don’t care and muje nahi lagta vo ayegi bhi kunki ab meri or gf ki baat to shru ho chuki thi par ye sirf formality wala relationship chalraha tha maine apni gf ko baar kaha aaiyo jarur to usne kaha nahi ab shadi mai nahi aungi kunki mai nahi chahti teri family ko lage hum abi bhi sath hai mai is baat or pareshan tha ki akhir kya khan chahti hai vo kya vo bol rahi hai ye sab khatam ho chukka , phir din gujrate rahe shadi karib aati gai
Ik taraf mairi gf jo muje mnaa kar rahi thi aane ko dusri taraf maire dosto or behan ko phle btaa chuki thi mai aungi but love ko surprise dena chahti hu isliye usse chida rahi hu , mai is se anjaan tha or maire ander mairi gf ke lilye pyar kuch kam sa hogya tha , shadi ka din aaya usse 5 din phle mairi payal se bat hui thi maine usse bola ki aana jaroor hai , shadi ka din aaaya mai kaam kaaj mai both busy tha or sach kahu to maire khyaal mai hi nahi aaya ki mai usse ek baar phone krke dubara bolu mai chahta to tha ki vo aaye par kaam ke karan usse phone krna bhul gaya , raaat karib 11 baje meri gf aayi mai usse dekh both khush hua it was an surrise and I was damn happy or mai bhul gaya payal ke bare mai , phir do din baad maine uske phone par call kiye use daantne ke liye ki vo aayi ku nahi kisi ne phone nahi uthaaya . 10 mint baad jab muje call aayi to age se kisi ladke awaaj thi or usne kaha love ? maine kaha ha kon usne bola mai uska bhai bol raha hu , maine kaha vo kaha hai , he said ab vo nahi hai , maine kaha matlb kaha gai usne kaha boht dur maine kaha kya bhai kya kehra hai usne , he said she is no more and we are taking her body to her home town I was shocked or mai jaha khada tha vahi beth gaya ye phli baar tab koi both kairibi muje chodh gaya tha hamesha ke liye , mai 15 mint tak zameen par hi betha raha or uthne ki himmat nahi kar paaya , mairi himmat nahi hui ki mai phone krke puch bhi paau ki akhir hua kya tha or achanak vo kaise chale gai , agle din maine himmat kar dubara phone kiya to muje ptaa laga ki vo kitni brave thi or akhir ku vo hamesha zidd karti ku vo har chij jaldi se jaldi krna chahti thi, mairi uski mummy se baat hui unhone muje btaaya ki use to phle se hi malum tha ki uske pass waqt both kam tha uski mummy ne btaya uski disease itni severe thi ki har 2-3 mahine mai uska pura blood change hota tha , maine bola usne hame kabhi btaya ku nahi usne hum mai se kisi ko kabi apne karib nahi smjha shayad isliye usne chupayi humse itni badi baat , uski mom ne kaha nahi aisi koi baat nahi thi , uski mom ne btaaya ki kaise usne unhe btaya tha ki love ki sis ki shadi hai isliye use phone mat krna koi mai chahti hu us se milna par abi ye sahi waqt nahi hai , mai rota raha or kosta raha apne apko ki muje sahi waqt mai ku nahi ptaa laga shayad mai kuch kar pata shayad mai usse akhiri waqt mai har vo khushi de paata jo chahti uski death 12 feb shadi waale din hi hui thi maine use 14th feb ko phone kiya tha mai use valentine’s day wish krna chahta tha use shayad btana chahta tha us pyar waale din ki muje bhi uski parvaaha hai par vo din mairi jindagi ka sabse bura din banke rehgyaa , aj ye coincidence hai ki mai story likh raha hu or aj uski dusri death anniversary bhi hai
Kuch vakye jindagi mai aise hote hai jo hamesha ke liye ik sawaal chodh jaata mai aj bhi samaj nahi paaya ki vo muje pyar karti thi ya sirf hamdardi thi mai aj bhi samaj nahi paaya akhir kaise 2 saal mai ek bhi aisa lamha nahi aaya jab usne mujhe apni kamjori ka ehsaas dilaya , vo to chale gai par muje jindagi bhar ke liye ek chij sikha gai ke sach maire gamm both kamm hai duniya mai to log mujse bhi bade gamm assani se jhel kar jee rahe hai , aj bhi agar koi mujse puche ki kya maine kisi aise insane ko dekha hai jise pta ho wo marne waala hai , maira jawaab abi bhi na hoga kunki maine to hamesha ek jinda dil ladki dekhi thi jo dusro ke sath hamesha khadi rehti thi
14th feb 2016 valentine waale din muje ehsaas hua ki akhir ku usne muje maira birthday gift itni jaldi diya , ku us raat usne maire sath drink ki shayad us ek raat vo jeena chahti thi , I still miss her I don’t if I love her or not but I am sure I respect her more than anything , uske kuch hi time baad maira mairi gf se bhi hamesha ki liye break up hogya aj mai akela hu bilkul akela aj maire liye valentine’day ka matlb sirf uski akhir lamho ki yaad hai
I wish vo jaha bhi khush ho aj mai nojoto ka both dhnya vadi hu ki muje is kahani ko kehne ka mauka mila aj tak jo baat sirf muje tak simit thi is khani ke jariye mairi kai apno ko pta lagegi

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