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Chitra Iyer

Dear Hindustan Unilever, 

It's over a year since you have removed the word fair from your cream. Good job, buddy. Now, how will you remove it from our psyches?

I have it ingrained in me since so many years. Do you have an er. Washing Powder to erase the stains it has left on our minds?

Now, this is what unlearning or rather lemme coin a new word.. unteaching..probably is, for you made us learn something and you want us to unlearn what you have taught us all along, right?

Haha. Everything's now the beauty and ugliness war, hmmm?

Tata, fair one. My dark skin is shining too late..sans any fairness cream. Maybe it was all only a 'fair' dream ..

With love from,
A lovely one for sure ;) #yqbaba #musings #fairandlovely


Dr. Aastha Jain

Still learning to write in hindi🤭❤ #chai #browngirl #fairandlovely #brownandproud

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Chai ke shaukeen khud hai
Par biwi dhoodh jaisi gori chaiye.  Still learning to write in hindi🤭❤

#chai #browngirl #fairandlovely #brownandproud

Vibha Katare

Being fair is not always fair..
Don't be so unfair with the unfair ones !! #colourism #fair #unfair #fairandlovely #rant #yqbaba

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