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The moon is 
magic for the

©Maha #moonlight_thoughts

Sanjay Kumar

#moonlight_thoughts mylove💞myworld🌏 mybook📚mylife #selfconfidence selfmotivation💪 #moonlight #ज़िन्दगी

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Debabrata Sinha

Dear Moon,

let me burn in
your dim light,
so soothing is
your brightness.
Hard it is to be
in the sunlight, 
gone dark under it
is my happiness. #moon #moonlight_thoughts

Harshita Bajpai

सज कर के चांदनी भी इतराती है
देख कर चांद को नागिन सी बलखाती है
हो जाऊ मदहोश तेरी रौशनी में
डूब कर चांद के इश्क में अपनी ही रौशनी भूल जाती है #moonlight_thoughts #yourquotedidi

Tania Sarkar

The moon rubs it's face on the dark sky,sometimes it hides itself and sometimes it shows it's face to that dark sky. It seems like the moon and the dark sky,both will never share their feelings with each other. 
They only love the presence of each other and feel safe with one another.
The moon has a story to tell about her but the vast sky is so serious that the moon never feel the courage to tell that story.
And the vast,dark sky affectionately adores the cute moon night after night....... #nature 

Durga Sankar Suar

Be the Moon in someone's life. #Moon #positivity #coolbreeze #moonlight_thoughts #peaceful_soul

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Be like a moon.
Erstwhile, the dark spots are more appreciated than the white calm glare. Be the Moon in someone's life.

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