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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Cosmos in its vastness is the law of synchronicity,
within which this...
Karma a fragment of its yet unsolvable equation is the law of reciprocity,
making this...
Peace as the ultimate purpose of this eternal equation of mystery waiting to be solved with the law of simplicity.

So...put your goodness out there and don't look back as the cosmos will reward you with a peace which you won't comprehend on your way ahead until you reach the end of your line and realize that you lived this life only for one purpose and that is to go back to the matter that made you and get dispersed into bursts of pure energy.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Cosmos #Karma #Peace #Synchronicity #Reciprocity #Simplicity

Siyabonga Zuma

Image cred: Google Reciprocity is key to prosperity. #reciprocity #key #yqbaba #cityprosperity #yqtales #yqquotes

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Is key to city
Prosperity. Image cred: Google
Reciprocity is key to prosperity.

#reciprocity #key #yqbaba  #cityprosperity #yqtales #yqquotes

Siyabonga Zuma

Image cred: Google Support is earned simply through reciprocity. #Support #reciprocity #yqbaba #yqtales #Effort

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Support is earned simply through reciprocity.

Before you wonder why you don't receive the amount of support you feel is due from your loved ones,
first ask yourself if you put in any effort in supporting them.

Now ask yourself;
"Am I deserving of the amount of support I feel is due, 
judging by the effort I put in?" Image cred: Google
Support is earned simply through reciprocity.
#support #reciprocity #yqbaba #yqtales  #effort


Give people more chances 
Than they deserve;
Because you may not realize it,
But you're probably 
Being bestowed the same gift. "Reciprocity"

#Reciprocity #diwa #kwentogdiwa #cinemagraph #yqbaba


"Reciprocity" #reciprocity #diwa #yqbaba

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When you surround yourself
With crutches, cushions, and fences,
You eventually cease needing anyone else--
And the evolving world also forgets you. "Reciprocity"

#reciprocity #diwa #yqbaba

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