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•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~•

#Tuition #Kolkata #Delhi #nijotohindi #nojotoenglish #English#grammar #Life

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•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~•

White English grammar
 sikhaya ja raha hai. First 15 students ko free mein sikhaya jayega. online and offline mode both are available.
Neche link available hai.
7 members already join ho chuke hai.

©•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~• #tuition #Kolkata #Delhi #nijotohindi #Nojoto #nojotoenglish #English#grammar

•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~•

•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~•

☀️😇I have a very perfect plan for the members

 in this group and for the others too. I have decided that I'll teach minimum 8 students to maximum _(depends)_ students for the English basics, English -📶 grammar and for 
the spoken English too. For the FIRST 15 STUDENTS
 this course is _free of cost_ there will be no charge. 

When the students will increase from more than
 15 then from the 16th student and 🔖 📙 ownwards the fees will be taken Rs350 per student per month. 📍 

 *Mode* - online and offline both available.

⌚ Time- 3 hours 40 minutes

Within study time 20 or 40 minutes will be given to the students as a gap or break time. 📚 

If anybody interested then contact *8961414390* .
 Message me in WhatsApp_Parents/Student/Anybody have the right to contact for this purpose only._ 

This is a fresh announcement 📢 15 student's places  are available. 🖋

©•《PSYCHOPEACE》 •PODCAST •~Player's Perfect Partner ~• #Nojoto #nojotoenglish 

यशवंत कुमार

प्रेम का पाठ पढ़ा दो

या तो  अपने दिल में बिठाकर,
तुम मुझे  प्रेम का पाठ पढ़ा दो !
या फिर  मेरे दिल में ही आकर,
मुझे  प्रेम  करना  सीखला दो !!
गर  डर  लगता है मेरी नीयत से,
तो  है  एक और तरीक़ा बाकी,
तुम  मेरी आँखों को  ट्यूशन,
अपनी भोली आँखों से दिलवा दो !! #tuition #lessonoflove #lovelessons

Gaurav Dutta


A place where singles just join to become the couple.  #tuition #couple #love #yqbaba #wordoftheday #gauravdutta #humour #meme

Gaurav Dutta


A place where singles just join to become the couple.  #tuition #couple #love #yqbaba #wordoftheday #gauravdutta #humour #meme

Naziya M.

Story :Tum miley Chapter 1 "Haziq" #tummiley #mehekhaziq #nojotophoto #lovehateromance #fawadkhan

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 Story :Tum miley

Chapter 1



गौरव कुमार पन्डुई


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Home Tuition 
contect number. 
कम से कम पैसे में जहानाबाद में  Home tuition  के लिए सम्पर्क करे. ककचचयहक

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