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Mr. Roy

Jesus is one God Jesus is created world #jesus खामोशी और दस्तक aakash vashisth Palvi Chalana A.s.🖋️ 📒 fact_of_point #Motivational

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White "Serve God, and God will take care of you. Submit to His
will, trust in His grace, and resign yourself into His hands
with the assurance that the Lord is well pleased with
those that hope in His mercy."

✍️Gardiner Spring, Essays on the distinguishing traits of
Christian character🙏

©KhaultiSyahi #sad_dp #Life #Christ #Christian #jesus #khaultisyahi #Truth #Truth_of_Life #Quote #Reality

Pawan Gupta 777

White 23 जब तू गिड़गिड़ाकर बिनती करने लगा, तब ही इसकी आज्ञा निकली, इसलिये मैं तुझे बताने आया हूं, क्योंकि तू अति प्रिय ठहरा है; इसलिये उस विषय को समझ ले और दर्शन की बात का अर्थ बूझ ले॥ 
दानिय्येल 9:23

©Pawan Gupta 777 #Jesus

Gagan Deep chamal sirsa

Prem Bhatti

Praise The Lord 🙏 #God #jesus #Shorts #vlogs Love #Science #Bhakti

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Monila Neel

Subiksha Vincent

my god is an awesome god #jesus #Life

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Normal Alvin G

#jesus crist #Videos

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Mannat के धागे बांधो Ya मुरादो की पर्ची Wo Dega तभी Jab होगी उसकी Marzi !

©minakshi #jesus