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Lokendra Singh Dhebana

#true lune #Life #everybudy this life #word #importants #true voice

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Lata Sharma सखी

Wish wish.. i have more n more,
imcoplete wish..
and i always search a broken star,
in the every night..
but i didnt found.. 
sometime my heart says to me,
be a wishing star..
you life is bore..
it is like waist...
you will be valuable...
and when someone want
a wishishing star..
you will be broke..
and full fill thier wish.. #wish #wishingstar #broken #star #life #importants

Rohit K Sontakke

जितनी शिज्जत से किताब ऊठाई पडने के खातीर..
असर कुछ येसा हुआ उसी किताब ने हमे सोने पे मजबुर कर दिया.. #study #importants

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