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आज होलिका फिर सजेगी 
अच्छाई,जीतने फिर चलेगी 
प्रहलाद को नृसिंह आ कर बचाएंगे
कल से फिर हम,हिरण्यकश्यप बन जाएंगे 
गुरुर होगा,अहम होगा
पाप,पुण्य से परे हम चलते जाएंगे 
फिर अपने स्वार्थ खातिर,
किसी होलिका को जलाएंगे.........

#Nojoto #Holi #Holika #meaningoffestivals #fallowhumanity

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2 years ago

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai
Holi - An interesting Indian festival - which is celebrated on different dates as per English Calendar and I 
cannot officially bookmark it to  a particular date because Hindu calendar doesn't run on a normal English calendar. It has some other, very deep logic for putting dates/days etc. 

Today - People come together, burn some wood, eat some sweet - because "Holika" who supposedly was blessed that she can't be burnt by fire, sat in the fire along with a boy (who was true and god's favourite). And because the kid was god's owned boy (supposedly we are not, and please do not try this at home) Holika got burnt by the fire and the kid got saved. 

And hence, we celebrate Holi, by burning wood, eating sweets, putting colours, water, mud etc on other people's faces and saying "Happi Holi". (Wow! So Amazing)

Little Rich people enjoy this festival with elegance, inviting other rich people who will come together in posh farm, sitting by the side of a pool in white dress, and open a bottle (you know what I mean), put some music (pop/Jazz - where there will be zero mention of the word "Holi") and dance and say Holi. (Wow! So Amazing)

Lecherous ass will use this day to the fullest, so fulfil any inner desire and will pronounce "Bura na Mano Holi Hai". And the society, will smile and say women that "Hahahahah What a Funny Guy". (Wow! Again this is amazing)

While I am not against culture, the practices, the celebration and congregation of the long-lived customary practice, but little with the fact that "Holi" is now commercialized and marketed so much that it is a pain in the ass. 

1. If I don't want to play Holi with colours, water, mud - and just want to celebrate the victory of good over evil by burning wood and eating sweets - I cannot. Because other people will force you into, and tell you as if this was a legal responsibility to play Holi if you were born as a human in India. 

2. I hate being soaked in to water, color and then wasting half of the day in clearing that up and the next day when I have to again think, I should have played it more simple. Whereas, I like the festival and love to see people enjoying it, 

Okay, let me stop here before I overkill this day with the sarcastic hyperbolic remark. Let people have fun and enjoy seeing them have fun at a distance. 

To all other - Wish you a Happy Holi. 
1. Wish you realise and understand that no matter how strong the evil is, no matter how powerful the evil looks like - it is always the truth which wins over evil. Because while Prahalad was the boy of the god, and so is both evil and good. God wants both types of people to co-exist in the society, so that God can prove time and again with different types of examples that "Be Good" 

2. With colours, and water - try and washdown small evils in your mind and heart. 

3. Connect with all those friends, family, people you love and use this occasion to remind them, greet them, spread the love again. 

No more Gyan, that's all for now. Njoy Holi!

#Festival #IndianFestival #Good #Evil #Prahalad #Holika

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