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Joyous Jaya Meraki

#norape #selfawarness #selfcare #burntheculprit #weneedtochange #justice #worldpostday Ruchika Shalinee Singh Rajput radhika An De arsh deep #Life_experience

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Being judgemental? 
                       Girls, please  act.
No specific age, place or time
but always  a specific  person or team behind.
Just  wrong act of single. 
but family culture  & manners were questioned. 
Soon society got new rumor thoughts
for whatever  faults & disorders  felt. 

As its a boy attack, male gender is blamed. 
A girl wrong did, so does females are blamed. 
But its never all of them only culpable. 

Long ago or looking  forward , 
it was never punishment  for conquering  truth. 
Just for being on post, money or saving prestige. 
Some worthless penalizing  was continued.

As democracy is resuming , do we follow?  
Womens rights are also added as i know.
Government  words are still being prioritized.
But what about  female existence,  ever cared for?  

No to candle burning but the offender.
No to thousands of thoughts but action.
Girls, it too long to be cared & safety from others. 
Lets start it on our own as
 leave out, even no safety in home.
A wrong act & immediate  
action must be ready for those dude.

                                @JoyousJayaMeraki #Norape #selfawarness #selfcare #burntheculprit #weneedtochange #justice 

#worldpostday  Ruchika Shalinee Singh Rajput radhika An De arsh deep

Zara Sogra

positivevibes goodmorning☀️ #TalkOnline#TalkOnline✍️ Life  story❤ Positive☝️ #mentalHealth ❤️ #selfawarness #Therapy #Talkonline✍️ #Nojotopositivevibes

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mute video

Zara Sogra

🎯👆Giving up is never an option!

If I quit now I will be back to the place I left............

We must resist the temptation to give up hope and assume that only those people born with the gilded wings of education and financial stability get to fly. 

Success crafted from our own hands is not only possible but more satisfying for the amount of tears, sweat, and blood we pour into it. 

It doesn't matter how many failures; your dream will not die until you quit.

And the first step is not looking up and dreaming about flying to the next level. 

The first step is seeing how far you've already come.

Great day! #Heart #soul😊 #health#positiveattitude

Ajita Bansal


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self awarness 
make you like 
you yourself  make your efforts
by making you truly 
loveble for yourself #selfawarness

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