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A true lover can shoot his partner's heart straight to the core of the heart! 💘

A broken heart, neither a writer nor a warrior, until they are able to change their mindset to become a superior, what to learn from them those who even unable to recognize their partner's character! 💓

This is an opportunity to use the characteristics of my soul, ever since people have been adopted to wear masks, it is a privilege for me to be able to use my soul feature to identify the reality behind the

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"My heart started beating when"

My heart started beating when

A writer is not someone who stays in the same position, a writer has a great transformational power of curiosity to learn more, you are not the same person you were a month ago! Overview of experiences and gathering information is being replaced and it doesn't stop ever at once!
The power supply & its resources are the same, brain capacity to capture, that simile watts are the differences & hence the uses!

Measure your curiosity before ensuring the same amount of success.

The mo

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