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Sudhansu Senapati

Black hole

Monster in the cosmic space,
Sucks all into his mouth,
Nothing visible inside, 
Black hole the monster of cosmos. 

Celestial savage sits somewhere,
Light, matter, All it engulfs,
Know not what goes inside,
All goes in, Nothing comes out.

Enigma for a miniscule matter like me,
Satan or the loving monster is it,
It attracts,  engulfs, assimilate ,
Intense celestial love or ravage.

Who knows ecstasy in ravage,
To lose oneself,  mingle with others,
Lose  identity, surrender to infinity .

 #blackholes #ravage #celestial

सो_ହ_N_ प्र_ଧା_N

Little did she knew.... #blackholes #Universe #roots #Illusion #yqbaba #yqdidi

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She was loosing her calmness, creating a black hole inside her, opening a new phase. 
Little did she knew,even black holes are stationary, merging and bursting unto particles, creating a dark energy, filling the empty spaces, shaping a new universe.

Thinking these as an illusion, she kept running away from her roots.
Little did she knew, what she is today is all because of her roots. Little did she knew....
#blackholes #universe #roots #illusion #yqbaba #yqdidi

Dhivyadharshini Gajendran

 #blackholes #memories #escape #ripples #space #nojoto

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