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mujhko  yuhi  barbaad kar
pehle bhul ja phir yaad kar #NojotoQuote

#nojotoquotes #Broken #Love #MR.Negative

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2 months ago

Kuch ko Hakikat
Kuch ko khawab Karna hai
Bohot se log hai jinka Hisab Karna hai.

#MR Husain

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2 months ago

Karna Cahata Tha Dil Ka Izhaar Tujhse...
Par Kar Na Saka,
Bcozz Tu karti Thi Pyar Kisi Or Se...

#MR Husain

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Mr. Mr. ही रहे, Miss Mrs. हो गईं,
वो वशिष्ठ थे तो मैं भी शर्मा से शिफ्ट हो गई,
माँ बाप का घर छोड़, आज भी मुझे ही जाना है,
जाने क्यूँ लोग कहते हैं, अब बराबरी का ज़माना है!

#hindinama #kavishala #kalakash #Quotes

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(Read Caption)

It was a late winter night. Mr. And Mrs. Anup we're waiting for their son to return home. This was happening from last few weeks after that incident took place and he couldn't get over it yet. It was half past two when in returned home in a surprisingly bad condition. His mother helped him to sleep on bed in his room, while his father decided to talk to him the very next morning.

Early morning when he woke up, he was surprised to find both his parents sleeping on a couch in his room. When they woke, they called him to sit with them and have a talk.

He explained he was in love with a girl whom he knows for about two years. He knew that she too reciprocated the feelings. But when he proposed her for the marriage, she denied saying, "i need two more years to settle in my career. Only then i can talk about you to my parents." Hearing this he was confused how could he wait for two more years without any commitment and what if she refuses after the wait.

When his mother came to know this, she was furious that she can't let her son wait without any commitment when his grandmother is sick and wanted to see his marriage before she passes away.

Mr. Anup went over to his son, patted his back and said to Mrs. Anup, "SHONA, do you remember that a similar thing happened to us 30 years back? And it was our love for each other and our trust that won everyone's heart and now we are together happily married for 30years? Let's wait for sometime and let the girl decide what she wants for their better lives.

After two beautiful years, the history repeated and the couple got united.

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