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Missing you tonight #missed poem✍🧡🧡💛 Broken💔Heart #SAD

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Missing you tonight

Tonight I think of you again
Thoughts dwell of the past
Memories of us that replay
Missing you that's a fact

My brain seizes, blood freezes
Senses leave 

Years gone by without you
Days seem to travel so slow
You could bring me out of this
Only one thing that's if you show

My mind twitches, head glitches
Anguished heart

Sitting with you watching tv
Talking with you every day
Now sitting alone by myself
Nobody there across my way

My love flourishes, care virtuous 
Promised forever

You are my sunshine that's bright
You are my moon that's quite a sight
You are my star with a glowing light
You are my world that I miss tonight

©Schizology Missing you tonight

#missed #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Broken💔Heart


Dear Mother poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Mother #missed #Poetry

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Dear Mother

Dear Mother , up in heaven
We miss you here very much
We know you are watching over us
We all miss your loving touch

Mother's day is tomorrow 
It's not the same any more
Without your voice around now
Our hearts have all been tore

Dear Mother , now gone away
We love you deeply forever
We cherish our memories of you
You will always be remembered

Mother's day is tomorrow 
It doesn't feel the same now
Without you brightening our lives 
We must carry on, but how ?

©Schizology Dear Mother

#poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Mother #missed


Cherished Broken💔Heart poem✍🧡🧡💛 #missed #SAD

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Thoughts of you arise
Memories of us replay
Moments that made us happy
I wanted you to stay

Every evening we said goodnight
Mornings we awoke together
Dinners and meals we shared
Cherished and remembered forever

How I wish to be with you
How I pray it happens soon
Days I can no longer bear
At night I request it from the moon

©Schizology Cherished

#Broken💔Heart #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #missed


Life without you #Her #missed Broken💔Heart #Poetry

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Life without you

I find myself thinking of us again
It's automatic to remember you
Wondering often how you've been
Thoughts of you consume it's true

Everyday activities don't feel right
Without you beside me I'm lost
A lonely life now that you're gone
At night is when I turn and toss

Your warm embrace as we'd lay
So close we were almost one soul
Breathing in unison as we'd cuddle
Now I'm alone it has taken it's toll

A gentle voice that was soothing
A sound that calmed me to numb
Wishing that I could hear it again
Cause being without you is not fun

©Schizology Life without you

#Her #missed #Broken💔Heart


Alone poem✍🧡🧡💛 Broken💔Heart #missed #Poetry

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Apart I feel alone without you
But when we were together
I felt alone with you

©Schizology Alone

#poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Broken💔Heart #missed


Someday #someday poem✍🧡🧡💛 #missed #Poetry

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I see you, when I close my eyes
When I open them, I look
But sadly, you're not there

I think of you, it's no surprise
My sanity is what you took
Without you, I only stare

I write of you, it makes me sigh
Words like a babbling brook
My eyes tear, my heart tears

I wish for you, to give another try
Past intentions, may have been mistook
Let's start over, forget our present cares

©Schizology Someday

#someday #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #missed


Mother of life #Mother love❤ #missed #Poetry

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Mother of life

The mother who sacrificed
The mother who gave her all
The one who bared her soul
She is the best 
She truly answered the call

Our mother made our meals
She washed our clothes too
She cleaned our messes also
She washed dishes
And kept us in our shoes

A wonderful person head to toe
A true saint for the grandkids
The kindest human ever alive
Amazing control
Though young ones are misfits

She loved all the children wholly
Spending time with each child
Providing gentleness and caring
Telling stories to us
Always nurturing and with a smile

I miss my mother so much now
Words can not describe how
I will always remember and I vow
To not forget her 
As long as my life will allow

Mother (R.I.P.)

We all miss you

©Schizology Mother of life

#Mother #love❤ #missed


I&039;ve been #missed poem✍🧡🧡💛 Broken💔Heart #Poetry

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 I've been

#missed #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Broken💔Heart


The dog days #Dog #Pet #missed #Poetry

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 The dog days

#Dog #Pet #missed


My late cousin #missed love❤ poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Poetry

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 My late cousin

#missed #love❤ #poem✍🧡🧡💛