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"Beard is love, But It's not greater than the love He has for her. #ekcutelovestory"

Beard is love, 


It's not greater than the love

He has for her. 


Date: August 11, 2019

Venue: Room No. 617, Mohali, Punjab

Time: After we were 2 bottles down.

“Who do you love more, me or your beard?” Mansi asked Manav while playing with his beard.

“Ofcourse! My beard.” Manav laughed while taking out the cigarette lighter and lighting his cigarette.

“Really?” Mansi took the lighter from Manav’s hand and started lighting it near his beard as a prank.

But little did she know that what she started as a prank will soon turn serious and she will accidentally light Manav’s beard on fire.

For a moment, everyone in the room bursted into laughter, except Manav. He was clearly pissed.

Why wouldn’t he?

Imagine you grow your beard for months, and then suddenly someone lights it on fire. How would you feel?

The next moment!

Manav took the lighter from Mansi’s hand, smashed it on the wall, stormed out of the room.

Mansi followed him, but he had locked himself inside the bath.

She kept banging the door but there was no reply.

Dejected and thinking she had hurt him, Mansi came back to the room. Her face clearly showed disappointment and her eyes showed tears.

5 minutes later

Manav opened the door and came inside.

But something was missing…

His long beard. We couldn’t believe that he had finally trimmed down his beard.

The irony was that he hadn’t done so even after his friends were teasing him for months, and calling him bangali.


Before we could say anything, Manav went near Mansi and asked:

“Kaisa lag rha hoon?”

Seeing his trimmed beard, Mansi couldn’t hold her surprise and said:

“Manav, you trimmed your beard?”

Manav: I did 🙂

Mansi: But you loved it. 😮

Manav: I loved it. But ab tune jala toh di . 😕

Mansi: I am so sorry. 😞

Manav: It’s ok. But promise kr ki tere hath mein dobara lighter kabhi nhi aayega. 🙂

Mansi: Pinky Promise… 😊

Manav: Chalo is baat p dance karte hain. Yr vo “Senorita” wala gaana play karo. ☺☺☺

The next moment Manav held Mansi’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

And while dancing together, holding each other in arms and looking into each other’s eyes — they both are looking really cute.

The only thing we can wish at this moment is that they always remain happy and blessed like this.

At least, room no. 617 proves lucky to someone in love.

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"Don't be a guy with beard🧔, Be a man of your words 😎 #NojotoQuote"

Don't be a guy with beard🧔,

Be a man of your words 😎 #NojotoQuote

Nojoto #Poetry #Quote #Motivation #Beard #manwithword #beingsakshamthakur #bannaSa

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