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#OkBye Dear future husband,

Let this letter to be a promise to you that I will do my best to be the woman you want me to be for you.

I really don't want you to be very handsome or rich but I expect your hard to be as pure and honest as mirror, clear and straight forward.

No matter how sinful your past be I will always accept you for what you are now.

I know girls demanding for a husband who can cook for them. well if you know cooking what that would be well and good, but if you don't then too I promise to be your all time "perfect wife". I promise to be thoughtful cook who will try her best to serve you the best of our memories.

I want you to be an exceptionally extensive diary

A diary with whom I can simply share each and every secret of mine

A diary who can see me cry who can be with me in my happy times and still be quiet not because he does not love me but because he understand what life is understand that crying is good sometimes.

A diary which will simply absorb each and every tear of mine.

Even if you would scare the shit out of me I promise that I will still love the scary part of you.

I want you to be an exceptionally  tight hugger, as Tighter would your hug, calmer would be my soul, with every hug, not only  our bodies, our minds our hearts would meet again would love each other again love would cherish  again.

From hugs to Huggies

I promise I will always be your side supporting and loving you from the deepest part of my heart.

I would end up saying that I promise to encapsulate the moment when I realise that I am the most magnetic amorous and erotic love with you.

Your future wife.

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Half fried Roti...

【She: Hey, I don't know how to cook, still you are demanding something to eat, cooked by myself.
He: hmm 😋😋, of course you are my best friend.
She: 😏okay, but if it tastes not so good, then don't tell me.
He: Chalbe, chalbe but at least try once.
She: Look Mom never allows me in kitchen, so I think you should have to wait longer.
He: Okay, then I would starve then.
She: Have you gone mad huh ?
He: No I'm not mad, it's just you who drives me crazy.
She: Oyye, 😮what are you telling me, I think you are born mad🤣
He: OKay, then yesterday's treat, I'm waiting😋
She: Okay.

Next morning she got up early in the morning, tried to make soft, delectable, round roti and sabji, but unfortunately she made one weird size half fried roti and she was unable to cook sabji, as she fears to boil water, she packed those unshaped veggies in a tiffinbox.
She called him, hey where are you, I'm waiting for you in the college canteen.
When he arrived, she beacme angry, "you are late, I'm going?"

He: I was in the class, so I became late.
She: Okay, now eat .
He: Kya layi ho ?
She: Khud dekhh le...
He: kya layii hai, mehek achhi aa rahi hai.
She: Yeah, open yourself.
He: Aree yh kya, kya banayi hai tu ?
She: Dekhh tere jaisa hi dikhhta hai ?
He: Okay, let me taste.
She: Tell, tell.
He: khub valo bass thoda jal gaya, aakhir tu mere liye banayi bass aur kya chahiye mujhe.
She: Tu mujhe chicken cook karke kab khilayega.
He: Khilaunga ruk ja, pehle tu to achha khana banana sikhhle.
She: Ei mujhe nehi sikhhna.
He: Aree paglo_ki_maharani fir tujhse shaadi koun karega.
She: 😎shaadi karna kisko hai, I am the princess of my world.
He: Ji maharni ji.
He: Arre don't take tensions, I will cook for you.
She: 😅Tu mere liye khana banayega, teri biwi teri pitaii karegi.
He: Arre tu meri bestie hai, tere liye kuchh bhi, oyye ladki meri to abtak shaadi nii huyi, yeh biwi kahaan se aagayi.
She: Aayegi to kabhi na kabhi.
He: 😋Haan wo aayegi to jarur, aur paata hai wo teri tarah pagal to bilkul nehi hogi.
He: Sun kal bhi banake laana roti.
She: Kiuun mein kiuun banayu tere liye.
He: Tu banake layegi ya nehi baata.
She: No😝
He: Chal dekhhte hain.

Story continues and two maddies fall for each other...】

My first story in Hibnish language...😂😂
Dimaag k saare keede hill jaane chahiye...

#Nojoto #story #sheinisshiya #nojotoenglish #englishtale

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Abon Chicken is a variation abon the use of chicken meat main ingredients & it tastes no less delicious than cow abon. Below is a recipe to make chicken abon and how to cook it.
Main ingredients & Spices : 2 l water
1 kg of chicken fillet
2 tbsp oil for sauteing
8 pieces of orange leaf, discard the leaf bone, thinly sliced
2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
100 ml coconut milk ½ coconut
250 ml of cooking oil
Blend : 5 cloves of garlic
8 grains of red onion
3 pieces of red chili
4 candlenuts
1 cm turmeric
Brown sugar
WAY MAKE ABON CHICKEN : Boil water & salt, add fillet chicken.
Cook soft.
Spread chicken meat with tools fine suwir meat
Heat oil saute spices, leaves citrus & lemon grass.
Enter chicken meat, mix well.
Pour the coconut milk, cook over low heat stirred
& turned dry.
Heat oil, fry batter meat the chicken is mixed dry.
Lift & drain the oil pressed / squeeze.
Separate the dough with no fork clot.

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लोग अक्सर कहते हैं 
तुम पकाते लाजवाब हो
राज़ क्या है!
मेरे अधर मुस्कुराते हैं
धीमे से बुदबुदाते हैं 
राज़ तो उनकी आंखो में है
जिनकी यादों में खोए हम बनाते हैं..

Pic: From my Kitchen (it's mine fb album)
#Love #Cook #Nojoto #tum #Haan #tum #hin

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Ghiya/Lauki/Doodhi (Bottle gourd Halwa)

Ghiya (Lauki/bottle gourd) - 1 kg
Ghee - 2 table spoons
sugar - 250 grms (more or less as per the taste )
Milk - 1/2 liter
Khoa - 100 grms OR pedas
Cardamom powder
Rose water essence - 1table spoon
Dry fruits of your choice
Food color - Optional (green or pink)
Dessciated coconut - 2 tea spoons for garnishing optional

Choose nice bottle gourd which have less or no seeds.Peel off the bottle gourd. Its better to take a taste of raw ghiya as sometimes they are bitter in taste.Grate bottle gourd and remove if it has big seeds, while small and soft seeds can be used.
Now take a big pan/kadahi and put 2 table spoons of pure ghee(can take more or less too). Heat ghee and add grated ghiya in that.
Now mix well and cover the pot and let it cook on low flame for 5-10 mnts. Ghiya releases natural water and it will help it to cook.
Now add milk and cook again for 10 mnts. Cook till the milk is disappreared and the mixture is not looking watery.
Now you can add 50 grams of khoa or pedas. cook it again for 10 mnts. Cook it untill you get the halwa consistency. Now add sugar and cook it. Add
cardamom powder dry fruits and essence.

1. Taste the bitter gourd before making halwa.
2. Do not squeeze water from the grated bitter gourd
3. You can avoid adding food color but you can make look appealing to eat with adding a bit of green color.
4. Adding rose essence increases the flovour but you can avoid
5. You can add more ghee or can completely avoid.
6. You can vaporise extra water/moisture in halwa till you get desired consistancy
7. Always cook on low-medium flame, never pressure cook it
8. If you do not get khoa then you can buy readymade pedas from market and use it in halwa but then you need to cut the sugar as pedas already have sugar in that
9. If you dont want to use khoa or peda then take more milk (doubled) and vaporise it so it will taste good..
10. You can taste the halwa and add anything anytime you need and cook it for some more time

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