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Mr Nyato

The butterflies that rose once
Are all dead and buried, down 
Deep in the Heart, one chance
All that had but presented as clown, 

The pleasant treasures once, 
The laughter, the smile, 
The glimmering eyes that make the heart dance
Are not, in mind, keeping worthwhile

The platform where  been waiting for
Only to realize it wasn't meant for! 
For this wouldn't put unto you
'Cause it was the Heart that fell for you. 

Ergo,  this is, to you, say so long
Stay where your heart belong! 
                                                 Mr. Nyato

©Mr Nyato #DeadButterflies

Aanya Seraphina

Title: Losing Oneself. LosingOneself💔 #Chasingdreams #lostlove Sad🥺 #Love #sad😊

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Shilpa priya Dash

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You may not be with the person you love
but you've loved with every cell in your being

Take pride in that.

©Wandy #lostlove #pain #lovelife #lovevibes

Aleena Angel

The art of Letting go....😌 LO√€ #lostlove #Love

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Shayar Suryavanshi

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