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Love Guru Raja

#पती हू मै पती #viarl #viral Love Comedy #jokes #Funny #akshayvasu #sayari Vandana Mishra Abdullah Qureshi Mr Govind Ayesha Aarya Singh Priya keshri (Kaise कहे हमे कितनी मोह्हबत हैं) commando Akash Tiwari motivational Speaker #कॉमेडी

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Tanhaz Ahmed

Abhi 10mint pehle hi chal base 🤣🤣 #pareshrawal #Par #paradise #herapheri #akshayvasu #Comedy

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Akshay Vasu

Beginning and memories of silence #akshayvasu #Silence #Memories #Poetry

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Akshay Vasu

Every time someone tried to move or steal a brick from that fort, the fort completely collapsed on them to save itself. It has destroyed itself every single time to save itself.

©Akshay Vasu The Fort

#akshayvasu #heartbreak #Save

Akshay Vasu

That demon's Head #akshayvasu #demon #Poetry

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The string from that demon's fingers had attached to him. And the demon was making him dance whenever it wished. One day, tired of this, he chopped off the head of the demon and threw it away with all his strength. But even after losing its head, the demon stayed alive. Not being able to see him or the strings, the demon began moving its fingers frantically. And he wished if only he hadn't chopped off the head of the demon.

©Akshay Vasu That demon's Head

#akshayvasu #demon

Akshay Vasu

The Sinking Ship #akshayvasu #Memories #Poetry

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That ship has been sinking in a place where a thousand rivers carrying a million memories come and create an ocean. That ocean has a layer for each memory. Each memory has a different color and feels to it. The layers never end. And every moment, there is always a new river that arrives and merges in that place.

©Akshay Vasu The Sinking Ship

#akshayvasu #memories

Akshay Vasu

You threw many cages at the bird and asked it to choose one. You called that freedom.

©Akshay Vasu Freedom

#akshayvasu #freedom #Cage

Akshay Vasu

The tree and the cage #akshayvasu love #HeartBreak #Poetry

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