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Atul Kaul

She so smells
My nostrils burn and swell
And she thinks it is love
...Mojzaa© #smell 


Tastes like food given to a beggar,

Smells like aroma from an unopened tiffin from home while in hostel,

Feels like hug from a loved one on a bad day,

Looks like a smile on face of differently-abled,

Sounds like laughter amidst disaster.

Danish Ahmed

#Life #Rules

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The rose petals  are very soft, beautiful and smells good, but what actually happens to them, people likes them,they pulled them out of flowers,they smells them for a few mins, enjoy them, and eventually through them to dustbin, thats how life works, don't be too soft, too available, too good, maintain a standard for urself, n u would b good to go! #life #rules

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