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Lovepreet Harry

Main wajah dhundhta fir rha tha in dukh taqleefon ki
Sab kaabu me Aa gya, Jab se mann pe kaabu pa liya

Harry #controlling#mind#reducing#sorrows#harry#

Namit Raturi

News Flash - China to launch earth's first artificial sun. #weather #Hindi #Controlling #yqbaba #yqdada shayari #twoliner #humansvsnature

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इन्हें मौसम भी अपनी ज़द में चाहिए,
तूफान भी चाहिए लेकिन हद में चाहिए ।।

 News Flash - China to launch earth's first artificial sun.

 #weather #hindi #controlling #yqbaba #yqdada #shayari #twoliner #humansvsnature

Asif Siddiqui

What's Wrong With Us ! quote writer regret story

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Sometimes We Feel Same For The Person Who Feel For Us 
We Don't Want To Commit To Them Don't Know Why , We Know He/She Is Perfect For Us , We Feel Alive Whenever He/She Is Around Us 
Why , Why We Are Controlling Ourselves To Feel The Same For Them
What He/She Did With Us 
Only Make Us Happy , Love Us , Care About Our Food , Medicine Everything What We Are Going Throughout The Day
This Is Why We Are Controlling Ourselves ?
Yes We Experienced Something Which Made Us Like This 
But This Doesn't Means We Do The Same To Our Beloved 
Whats Wrong With Us
Confused We Are, Emotionless We Are, Stone Hearted We Are !

Really Whats Wrong With Us! What's Wrong With Us !

#quote #writer #regret #story



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mind masters ,heart follows it,
else heart masters, mind should follow that.. learn self tuning according to our situations #controlling@bility#

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