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Ragini's Kahaniya

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Rupam Shukla

#Corporate majdur #Poetry

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किताबो के बोझ ने कब कंधे झुका दिए
पता ही ना चला...
झुकते कंधो ने कब झुकना सिखा दिया
पता ही ना चला...
मिट्टी मे खेलते हाथ Laptop से जा मिले
पता ही ना चला...
स्कूल वाला टिफिन कब canteen मे बदल गया
पता ही ना चला ...
Lunch break मे खेलते - खेलते 
कब corporate मजदूर जा बने
पता ही ना चला...
class मे बैठ कर हसी छुपाया करते थे 
झूठी हसी कबसे हसने लगे
पता ही ना चला...
home work करने वाले हाथ कब पंक्तियां लिखने लगे
पता ही ना चला...

©Rupam Shukla #corporate majdur


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Mukesh KG

Thanks Giving #Corporate #capitalism #Life

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I walked out of my office, 
only this time the sky was shining bright..

I walked out of my office,
without being drained by
all day coding
back to back meetings..

I walked out of the office,
only that I cannot stop thinking
about the things to be done
for tomorrow..

I walked out of my office,
only this time without my id card..

I walked out of my office,
only that I cannot call it mine anymore..

for all that you have
done for the company",
my manager's voice echoed in my mind.

The most thankless words I could ever hear.

©Mukesh KG Thanks Giving