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Adesh K Arjun

It Is Not That The Poems Of Hindi Language Poets Are Bad, But To Save Our Reputation Of Secularism We Have To Avoid Giving Them Space In Our Newspapers.

©Adesh K Arjun

Ritesh Raj



Washington Post, Los Angles Times, New York Times, etc are mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece China Daily & The Global Times; and have repeatedly written against your nation in every positive and stringent decisions taken by all and every government. 

Wall Street Journal - $ 6 million;
New York Times - $34,600;
Washington Post -$ 2,40,000;
Foreign Policy -$ 50,000;
Los Angeles Times - $657,523;
Others combined -$ 7.6 million.
These are the investments of Chinese Communist Party in American newspapers. (Beta version) #propaganda #american #newspapers #yqbaba

MM Mumtaz

Press पहले अख़बार छप के बीकते थे....
....आज की अख़बार बीक के छपते हैं

©MM Mumtaz #News #Newspapers 
#Press #daily #nojonews 
#India #Curuption #polarisation 

बख़्शी डायरी

सुर्खी-ए-अख़बार होना मुश्किल नही यहाँ साबिर,,
चार बातें ख़िलाफ़-ए-सियासत कह कर देखो।

                                           -साबिर बख़्शी सुर्खी-ए-अख़बार होना मुश्किल नही..... #nojoto #newspapers #shayari #politics

सुर्खी-ए-अख़बार होना मुश्किल नही..... nojoto #Newspapers #Shayari #Politics #बात

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Hummey sidd

I dont know exactly what to say about media i think its biased you cant say that its good or bad but so far i think newspapers are authentic source of information. I know there are controversies in that too .but I am still on it . You see in the era of technology the value of newspapers is constant #merykheyalsetu...

Khushboo Jain ( मेरी कलम से )

फिक्रे - तसखीर मे रहते थे जो कभी
इल्म भी न था यूं हवा हो जाएंगे
निभाएंगे हम इश्क
वो रश्क निभा जाएंगे #nojoto #hindi #quote #newspapers

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