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Saturn-Rahu and Ketu, the remedy to remove all three defects together

Saturn-Rahu and Ketu, you can suffer from the defects of any one of these houses or two houses or all three planets. Different types of remedies are suggested to remove their flaws. In addition to doing all these measures today, we are giving you information about a solution that uses the faults of the three planets to calm down together. So let us know about this remedy.

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Devi Tara Puja -

#goddess #maa #tara is one amoung the ten aspects of Das #Mahavidyas. The expression Tara itself has the importance on the grounds that Tara signifies “Star” which means light. Goddess Tara Devi #Homam is very efficient one for getting all sorts of good things happens in life. The individual those who perform this #Homam are blessed with all well-beings and no negative #Effects influences in their life.

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Benefits Of #daily Aarties -

Aarti is the Hindu rituals that are performed to express the love and gratitude towards #God, an #Aarti typically consists of small #Flame on a wick that is placed on a plate then this plate is rotated in front of the deity. The #daily Aarties help in removing all the obstacles in life. The regular aarti will enhance your #Health and bring #peace of mind. The Aarties protects from bad luck and gives us the courage to face difficulties in life.


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What are the benefits of spiritual mantras?

The mantra
#recitation is an age-old practice which helps in attaining the #spiritual meaning in life. This #practice has always been looked upon by awe and marvel as it was perceived to have a #miraculous effect on the life of chanter. Mantra chanting has been an inseparable part of many #Religious rituals. All mantras are spiritual as they open a route as they connect you to your spirit and helps in the worldly #development.


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Rahu Mantras Recitation -

Rahu comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Rah’ meaning hidden that refer to something that is
#Mysterious, profound and secret. Lord Rahu is the #significator of Creativity, foreign #travels, pilgrimage, unusual employments, renunciation and #masochism. #recitation of this #mantra saves the person from lots of unfortunate circumstance thus making the life prosperous.

Lord Rahu Mantra
“Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah”

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