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Devi Tara Puja -

#goddess #maa #tara is one amoung the ten aspects of Das #Mahavidyas. The expression Tara itself has the importance on the grounds that Tara signifies “Star” which means light. Goddess Tara Devi #Homam is very efficient one for getting all sorts of good things happens in life. The individual those who perform this #Homam are blessed with all well-beings and no negative #Effects influences in their life.

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3 months ago

We are living in a society 👪 where we worship #goddess 🙏
But we don't respect
#Women 👩
We burn ⚡them for
#Dowry 💸 and kill 🔪 #girls in the womb 🏥
We call her
#Ghar_Ki_Lakshmi 💰but do not encourage her to work 📂
We pray to
#Saraswathi 📖but do not invest money 💵 on her for quality #Education 🎓
If women 🙋 stands up for
#Injustice 🔞we quest the #durga within her & tell her to shut up 🙊
When she can't tolerate 🙉 it anymore the
#kali within her emerges in full force 🙅 but she gets #Abused 💆or #Harrased 🙍
May the
#Evil 😈 in you Dominate the #Super_power 😇
It's time for
#Change 💪
Wishing you all Happy

#Art #Artist #nofilter #Artwork #creative #monochrome #blackandwhite #sketchbook #blackpen #Masterpiece #swag #RespectGirls #womenempowerment #TimeToChange #bethechange

#Rs_Creations ©

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I am an Auto Rickshaw Driver...

Auto rikshaw Driver...

I am an AutoRicksaw Driver,
The king of my Ambassador,
My horse eats petrol,
And stops every near and far seeing a new customer.
I wake up before the sun wakes up,
I spend the whole day with music,
Like a king, with my passengers who are like God and Goddess.
I go to bed very late long after the moon wakes up.
My eyes speak more than my lips,
While checking who is the right customer going towards the destiny I am moving...
I make people reach at their destiny,
And they help me to live a life of blessing.

My work is no less than a prayer on each day.
I love my work,
And enjoy specially,
In the first hours of the day,
When sun peeps up,
and Welcome's me with it's first rays,
The fresh air sings a rhythm that plays a beat in my every hormone...
The birds wish me good morning on the way...
The sky is neat,
With some cranes flying making an arrow on their way.
The trees start dancing waving their branches and saying hi.
But hope you understand it's not an easy job to sit on one seat the whole day and work on,
in city pollution the whole day.

As the day grows, I start feeling exusted but I don't stop there.
Rarely I opt for a Biryani from a good place like Paradise, in lunch although it's my favorite of all.
On usual days a simple meal works.

Whether the road rework is going on or the weather is extremely worse,
I don't take a leave ever,
Although at times my kart takes a detour.

Sometimes Goddess Lakshmi becomes very happy and I get customers every way, and get an handsome income.
And sometimes the whole day I spent watching the sky...With a question in mind like why...
From the day the new apps of Ola has been arrived, my business is little down.
But for that at times I overload my kart with people to get some extra benefits...

At times paan, gutkha becomes my companion, at times I drink at night...
to forget the whole day pain and get few hours of sleep.

My family is proud of me,
because they understand what a hard worker am I,
My kids also go to school.
I had not got an opportunity but seeing the scenario of current society situation, a question rises in my mind what will they do in future. Because one of my friend is a graduate too. Because of financial problems who rides an Auto Rickshaw from few months now.

#shortstories #Love #Life #Nojoto #nojotoenglish #AutoRickshawDriver #RM

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मातृशक्ति का एहसास कराने को,
 मां दुर्गा को नारी रूप दिया..

 दुर्गा को देवी मान लिया,
औरत को औरत ही रखा गया..
                                    -dr Vats

नवरात्रि, नारी
मातृशक्ति का एहसास कराने को,
मां दुर्गा को नारी रूप दिया..
दुर्गा को देवी मान लिया,
औरत को औरत ही रखा गया..
#DurgaMaa #Naari #Truth #devi #goddess #God #Devotional #navratri #Rishta #Shayari #Poetry #शायरी #dayofthegirl #बेटीबचाओ

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#yellow #goddess #durga #navrathri

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