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aadt NFL c gyi h

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A woman's spirit determines the tranquility of the home, the spirit of the office, the unity of the church, the reputation of the preacher, the health of her husband and the joy of her children.She's not the one whose name is put in the headlines of the paper;she's the One who makes man a delightful place to be.'Tis her spirit, her attitude, her disposition.


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Kaun hain jo ye headlines likhte hain, kya ye patrkaar sahafi hain

Asli mudde aur naqabiliyat chhupane ki koshish kaafi hain

New age reporters

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#NojotoVideoTHE IDENTITY #NojotoVoice


#nojotovideo #River_dive #n@SH #myvoice #myidentity


Social security I don't have
Screw my head and soul
And Can't have time to save
Live like a shy fool
All it takes one goal to shine
The identity !

Rate the stars I deserve
And give me feedback like
I am an cab driver
The sex , colour , Creed and caste
All goona worst when it feels
Someone takes away your clothes
And you are naked all over and over...
One and one question arise
Am I an alien from another planet ?

The headlines The poster The cartoons
You paint all it creates an image
Shame to your character and it looks
Like I also go to polls and register
Myself for my fucking identify !
The male ,The female ,The gay or Bi
I am not any ....of those
Do you want to know who am I then ?
I am a strong , educated , little boy of my mom
The mom who call me " My Bata " I love you and I love you too maa

I don't need any Passport to travel
The world of beauty to see in my eyes
I need the address of my hometown
Where I am carefree and I have no
Questions to ask myself because
It's over here ....

This is my love to you
And the same way I love you back
This is unconditional love without any further research because
It's not your neither mine opinion to love ..
It's neither a crime because it's a infinity feeling that's keeps moving forever and on and on.....

Because now it's my turn to say ...
In this world I born and brought up...
Like you ....
I am a human and I deserve all human rights ...
That is my individuality and yours too


Sarita Verma Pooja Binto Rani Sourish Acharjya Piyush Saha

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tring... tring... tring...
pick up please

3 years, 10 months, 6 days
and I had to write you this!

Dearest dumbo,
I pray it's not too late.

Just tell me, tell me how are you?
I saw the headlines yesterday, the dilapidated buildings, the burnt trees, the roads filled with smoke, the screams, and all that followed after the 11 cylinder blasts from the hotel you share the wall with.

I saw our house tear apart where we had once stitched memories.
I heard the screams from the people and I felt platonic towards our house, but can I call it ours?

I remember the day I had walked in, done with your daily tantrums, deleted your number, trashed my sim and stormed out from those doors which now resemble my charred heart, with the promise to never walk back in again.


I deleted your number, yet the digits remain within me.
7 locked lips each time we met
8 kms drive from my house to yours
2 fights that we had
9 days of no food dates, my fast that came our way
8 kms from your house to mine
0 times you forgot to confess the love you had for me
4 times we made love in a week
3 the date you went down on your knees
4 the date I said yes
1 to the one I ever loved

I know that you don't pick up calls or reply to unknown numbers, but just tell me that you are alright.
I am the girl who called you 23 times last night.

forever and ever... if you will take me back.

PS: I love you, still.

- meroenix

#meroenix #Life #Love

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