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Kavita Pal

Kavita Pal

गौरव आनन्द श्रीवास्तव


motivational quotes in Hindi and motivational quotes in Hindi and #मोटिवेशनल

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Ajay Bhabar

Prashant Roy


#Deplatforming criticism is profoundly anti-Hindu. #समाज

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Prashant Roy

Madaka Rajasekhar

Anti Comedy #Funny #కామెడీ

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Anti-anger #pets love❤ poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Poetry

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He may flip
He should get a grip
Before he slips

Gone off route
He shouldn't pout
He may shout

He should relax
And sit back
He may collapse

He should not fret
But cuddle with his pet
He may forget

Now calm and cool
His dog was the tool
To cut his fuel

He can talk nice
Be free from his vice
Pets are his advice

Both dogs and cats too
Keep from feeling blue
Best at what they do

Pets have a way
Of making your day
Even just to play

They remove the null
When feeling half full
They push and pull

So when you're upset
Look to your pets
They will be your net

©Schizology Anti-anger

#pets #love❤ #poem✍🧡🧡💛