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Joakim Bsutry

Best combination potatoes and Tomatoes 😅😅😅 #Comedy

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Anu Dey

All are rich in this world

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उनकी याद  There is no poor in this world.
God has made everyone rich.
The only difference is that, if someone has been made rich by the wealth, then someone is from the heart.
Everyone can see the rich of wealth, but no one can see those who are rich in heart.
To see them, not the eyes, but the heart is needed.
But where do you find the time today, such a heart that can see the rich of heart?
Now everyone has eyes, who only see wealth.

©Anu Dey All are rich in this world

Gurpreet Kaur

High rate in Tomatoes #ਸਮਾਜ

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Deepak Vishal

टमाटर तैयार है बाजार में जाने को #tomatofarming #tomato #Tomatoes

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rithu navya

rich are poor #nojotophoto

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 rich are poor

Khushi Singh

tomatoes #कॉमेडी

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