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Nitisha Sharma

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Enock Khapoya

Friday Night #steps

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Another Friday night is here
The bastard stoops by the Eastern wall
Awaiting another hapless loner
He listens, watching silently
"Patience, patience," he mumbles

On his left, the preacherman
Dishes the poor man's gospel
"Give, give," he croaks
As his belt struggles to hold
That which he's "received"

Further down the road
Music blares, the smell of cheap liquor
Hand in hand, crazy old men
follow the streetwalkers 
Their hardened loins leading the way

The beggar under the bridge looks on, 
smiling to himself
He shivers in the cold watching
 as the night slowly burns away

No one cares for him, 
Not tonight
Forgotten, irrelevant, he is
Just like a god, on another Friday night

©Enock Khapoya Friday Night

Hriday Sonu

#Nojoto open mic #Nojoto opoen mic

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जहा जाता हूँ
तेरी यादें ले जाता हूँ ,
तेरी चाहत का असर ऐसा है।
खड़ा रहू धूप में मगर छाव पाता हूँ ।
 #NojotoQuote #nojoto open mic
#nojoto opoen mic


Love knocks on my door every night 
My heart want to hold it tight
But my mind told it in polite
All doors are closed, have a good night!! #Light #Night #Love #fear

Prashant Vats

Light and Night  Dear lights, 

Please stop killing our Nights. #Dark #light #night #fight

Amit Gorakhpuri

#Hriday $$ @mit $$ #ज़िन्दगी

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Mannu Matwali

mick #Mic

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my self mukesh kumar

©Mannu Matwali mick


Queen OF my Family

Good Night #Mic #विचार

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Good Night
my Lovely Friends
Love uh All💕💕❤️

©Queen OF my Family Good Night