How your revenue is calculated for Live Shows

Nojoto: Revenue Info
  • Our goal is to enable Artists & Storytellers to make money & enable livelihood.
  • We give 80% of the total earnings to the Artists.
  • We keep 20% to keep building Nojoto for Artists & Storytellers.

1. Your Ticket revenue:

Ticket’s Selling Price
(What customer pays)

(In rupees)

Breakup of Ticket Price


Tickets Cost


GST @ 18%


Tickets Selling Price
(Including Taxes)


Artist's Commission

80% of Ticket's Cost

Artist's Revenue
(80% of 83.9)


(18% of Artist Revenue)


Net Revenue to Artist



  • If you have GST number:
    • Please fill the same while onboarding.
    • You have to submit GST to Indian Govt with your monthly GST return so that we can take Input Tax Credit for the same amount.

2. Your Gold Revenue:

Nojoto has Gold subscription for 199 Rs/month which gives audience a chance to watch all live shows in one month.

  • Why Nojoto Gold:
    • For people who want to watch a lot of shows - it becomes challenge for them to pay for each show again and again. They like to pay once, and then watch at peace.
    • It becomes easy for the Artists; they don’t have to sell their shows again and again.
  • How Payment is calculated from Nojoto Gold Bookings:
    • Let’s imagine if a Nojoto Gold User books 5 shows in a month.
    • His/her 199 Rs is divided between 5 shows = 199/5 ~ 40 Rs is ticket’s cost for the gold user in that month.
    • Creator’s revenue is again 80% of ticket’s cost
    • It gets calculated at the end of every month and Artist gets to know how much revenue he got from the Gold revenue.
  • Discount:
    • To increase Artist’s revenue, we run offers, where customers are offered certain discount on Nojoto Gold.
    • If after discount Nojoto Gold gets sold for 100 Rs, then again Artists gets 80% of the revenue earned from gold, as per the calculation mentioned above.

3. Nojoto Bonus

At the end of every month, Nojoto also distributes bonus to Artists who get highest engagement in their Live shows.

Engaged during the show is calculated on the basis of:

  • Time Spent by the audience watching Live Shows
  • Love & Comments shared by the audience during Live shows

Nojoto bonus gets calculated at the end of every month.


In case you may have any questions and feedback about the process please write to

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