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Look at you trying your best
Dozens you have recruited
I assure you I will pass the test
Your victory has been deluded

To me you're just a pest
Like a tiny little mosquito
I never would have guessed
But you have an oversized ego

Insignificant and irrelevant
Your actions are worthless
Pointless and very infantile
I find you absolutely useless

Problematic and troublesome
Drama follows you everywhere
Talking so much about nothing
I'm outnumbered but that's fair

©Schizology 2

#two #issues #Evil


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Lokendra Singh Dhebana

#farming #two beautiful lines 😍 #farmers #Poetry

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The end 2 #End #two #Poetry

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The end 2

Waves of fear are coming near
They bring tears though the years

Waves of hate make us wait
To disintegrate, so clean your plate

©Schizology The end 2

#End #two


Only two days away #xmas poem✍🧡🧡💛 #two #Poetry

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Only two days away

Today is the twenty third of December
That means Christmas is two days away
Santa and his elves are probably eager
To get the presents out soon on his sleigh

Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer too
All will travel to each house and visit
Santa wants a snack working late hours
Leave him some cookies, his favourite

A glass of milk too will help hydrate him
He needs to be in tip top shape to work
Taking care of all the reindeer is tough
Giving gifts is wonderful,  one of the perks

Mrs Claus prepares santa a big giant meal
Going worldwide really makes him hungry
When he returns to the north he's famished
All he wants to do is eat then sleep finally

He checked his list not once but twice
So if you didn't get something from him
Maybe you were bad at some point then
You already knew that if you sang his hymn

Seems that this Christmas is going to be mild
It won't feel like the holidays with out any snow
A green Christmas will be different for Santa
His sleigh slides in the snow but grass will slow

Perhaps it's time for st nick to upgrade his ride
Maybe a small plane or helicopter would work
He could retire the deer and open a petting zoo
He could hire his wife as a employee and clerk

©Schizology Only two days away

#xmas #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #two

poetess Pratima Upadhyay

Kya Tum Kuch Bacha Paaye Iss Tabhi ⚠️Se 💔🕊️🌻 TAG A BROKEN HEART 💔 . . . . . . #shayri #Emotions #Heart #Hindi #brokenheart #Broken #heartbroken #two #films #twolineshayari #reelsinstagram

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Zara Sogra

#silhouette Be true to yourself, because there are only a few people that will stay true to you. #Messageoftheday #words #two words

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poetess Pratima Upadhyay

Uski Har Baat Me 🥵 Yhi Sachayi Najar Aayegi 🥀 Thoda To Tum Khud Bhi Smjh Lo🤨 What Is Biggest Pain ?😢 Reply in comment 😮 . . . . #Beauty #Happy #shayri #Truth #alone #naturephotography #two #ajmer #films #Reels #shayrilover꧁ঔৣ

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Prabu A

#two karuppis #Life

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