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Amit Jotwani

Kinetic ocean 
choppy waves
salty surf 
amorous slaves. 

Submerged sheen 
unabashed lust 
sometimes in passion 
life seems just. 

Hot geyser spurt 
cool in release
a holy confluence 
with viscid grease. 

     #kinetic #lust #waves #surf #salt #geyser #spurt #viscid #grease #hot #cool #confluence #holy #YoPoWriMo #yqbaba

Amit Jotwani

															A hot water geyser,                                              					
															surging from within;                                           		
									through the night unto dawn,                           	
													painting the sky golden.                                     		

													The battle was fierce,                                          	
													no balances or checks;                                       	
												domestic discord a must,                                   
												for frenzied makeup sex.  #geyser #makeupsex #surge #NaPoWriMo #yqbaba

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