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The story is AGE OF 17

My birth took place in a happy family
of mr sheikh,my father was not visible for once for entire life of mine because he is not alive now after my birth.

still though our life was going happily but not for long-term me as a child should get education ,so my mom  have tooked responsibility of entire family.
but it was pitty difficult for her but she did everything for our education single handedly,days goes in Passing out,now i am 17 year old and even passed out my test of hslc ,this age of 17 had came through very things an seen overall hiding truth of life,one phase of life is also related to love which is very need and should have in every relationship we committ though it is friendship or older  related.whenever i see my mom face she carries a heroic characters in front of my eyes,now if i come to my friend circle i was blessed with that an still now,and a very special moment of my life is that Only i do remember of my one-sided love scenes which never came true why it would be i am 17 still now who was in random dreams of love,my first phantom love and me still we go together for higher secondry in same place which kept alive my feelings for her stopped in a corner of my heart sleeping.lets come to my aim i always loved singing i want to make carrier in this field,this beautiful age of 17 is always wanted something new an always wants, BUT STILL HAVE TO LEARN MORE AN TO KNOW MORE FROM THIS LIFE. 


MY STORY IN SHORT#MYSTORY#READ_TILL_THE_END. Dhananjay Kumar Mohd Mujahid Khan Poonam Pooja Kalavati Kumari

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''Floating seeds...''

Neither a beginning
Nor an end the soul has
It just transcends transforms
Transported through myriad vehicles of flesh and blood

Does it ever carry the memories
Of the life before, glancing lingeringly
Or reserve selected experiences for the upcoming birth?
Ah! what a lie we tell ourselves to mute our wailing wishes!

For the formless soul, the timeless traveller
The promises of eternity is a cunning trick
Just to convince the heart, giving false hopes
Of broken dreams coming true...

Dismayed deepmost desires, fulfilled in births further?
Oh c'mon! who cares the platinum Vimana
Decked up in shimmering gems and golden wings
Or the sandalwood forest scents filling the air

When you i and they, are none but characters in a story
We all exit as the last word meets the small black dot
The life inside the book, absorbed by the ink of every word
Thrives to survive, alive, struggling to defend the infant dreams

when all the chapters sleep, dreams become undead
Roaming around with droopy eyes and twisted paths
Can one stop the soul and fill its mind with our helpless wishlist
And send it off to its next station, hoping for fulfillment?

The soul i agree, is synonymous to beyondness and eternity
But who stole away its power of memory, to heal the pains
The unsung love, the silent tears and the brittle unspoken words
The warmth of a heart and everything kind

If all the fair and heart-chosen wishes
Should be faced with destiny's scorn and thumbs down
Would eternity oblige to allow the soul
To relive the dreams, at the Soul's shift?

Hate the blame game, pointing at fate or time
It is just the soul that takes all the sadistic pride
In plundering the joys of immeasurable lives
screaming lies of customising reality to our pending dreams

If not in this birth, at least in the next journey
If a soul could truly relive just a single dream of the past
The reciprocation of heavenly treasured love felt
Identifying the inner voices and colors of the bond

Memories moments quoted from yester-birth
Tears bursting out at the blossoming of untouched hopes
Hands holding feeling the truth, eyes hugging victoriously
Celebrating the incredible ecstasy of perennial union

Then I bow down with utmost regard, to the deathless soul
That breathes life through all the doors and windows of time
Promising to carry along with, the most precious chapters forward
And see them come alive, experiencing a beautiful deep healing

Till then, please don't tell me
''If not in this birth...'' stories dear Soul
Am strong enough to gulp down the realities
But equally weak to believe in false promises...

Until I find my soil
Let me be a floating seed
With a thousand trees within...

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I need The more you have common sense, the more your intensity of flow the essence of inner sound. To examine all the mysteries of the universe, we have the same unique cosmic feature of our soul.

My dream is as simple as, well increase my common sense to describe my entire opinion as soon as possible through words or speech once without being interrupted. I have seen many people who have sufficient knowledge; even they also got stuck during the interview. Certainly I have realized that it's not because of the knowledge, but the process of creating thought which gives us the ability to deliver a good speech in an instant manner.

Connect with higher energy efficiency only they could increase your productivity & the proficiency of the mind. Knowing about yourself more than yesterday; And it's not any kind of success, ask yourself?

The people of the world probably do not ready to believe in the same way, but I never agree! I'm the boffin for researching my own life & I have never allowed anyone to destroy my investigation. As I have the same features that we all have with and without achieving any degree.

I know the value of life beyond money. Whatever is in your control and whatever is beyond, it is a great deal in life. Before becoming a great person you should come into believing in yourself at least you are already, otherwise specified - never possible. Perhaps the people will start to criticize against my opinion, but I have blocked that access without mentioning my name & DP, and now how they are able to get access? Even if they willing to criticize I'll be happy to gain more than ever before, not because of my potential, but because of their intention, go ahead! I born daily basis & now I'm also👶2😇😎✍️
#sundayspecial #soundofsunday #confidence #Dreams #Success #Soul #speech #Birth #daily #basis 😎🕉️🧚 #lettertoanewborn 👶 me too!

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I have entered a soul within you, and it can take you in any direction. Do not be afraid you are not a tree!

Create a wish to inspire the universe as well as its 🧚🌍conspire us a lot. Have you ever imagined about returns?
#Birth #Create #wish #through #Soul #selfrealization #Universe #lettertoanewborn 👶😎🤔🏋️✍️💞🕉️🧚

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I learned Every day from whatever things you get higher inspiration or obstruction; it's your only lesson in life, do follow nothing more than, not even less than that.

You may follow a lot of things, but I have a doubt they would work as well for you, as I believe neither everything for me, nor I was born to introduce myself to everyone.

Only our belief system can change us far more than we imagine. I hope we love to follow them unknowingly! 💞
#Birth #Create #Learn #Inspiration #observation #obstruction #lesson #lettertoanewborn #createproblem 🧚😎🕉️🌊

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