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She never liked 
 history as subject  
But for him she read all of his fav history books before  him to give him feed back

She never liked 
Listening classical but for him
He listen all of his favourite classical song

She was. Afraid of horses
 But by watching his interest 
In horse ridding
She tried to overcome that fear

They all were her ways to collect topics, for start talking with him

Because she loved him 
But for him she was jUST friend 

A friend who share lot of common hobbies with him

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चंचल तितलियों सी फितरत है उसकी
इस क्षण यहाँ और
अगले क्षण वहा


एक जगह ठहराना उसे आता ही नही

#नोजोतोहिन्दी #निजोटो
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शांति से अपने घर पर रहे
क्योंकि हिंदुस्तानी फ़ौज आपकी
सेवा में सिमा पर तैनात है

जय हिन्द

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For a dreamer out there 
They will not accept our ideas
until will turn that Idea into
reality. #NojotoQuote

After we turn our Ideas into reality, we and our dreams became example

World Famous Effiel Tower
Engineer gaustave Effiel and 2 other his fellow engineer also face problem to prepare it, because they were being innovative,
but now it's one of the dream destination of many people

If you are unique not normal
it will take them some time to accept you.

so keep dreaming with working hard for achieving goal

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My memories hurt him
They never let him sleep
But he preserve those memories
in his heart, Even though it hurts

You probably would have advised
him to forget me right ??
I advised him same, but he didn't listen to me
He kept cherishing memories of person who never
reciprocate his feeling
He never forgot his love, which matters to him 
more than himself
So as he used to say to me if you did not hold my hand 
I would die
.He is no more,he ended himSelf
for th sake of love
I didnt hold the hand which he wanted me to hold 
and I 
regret it
I know its late still I regret it #NojotoQuote

before you blame her that she should have accept her own feelings,
Understand her
It was not that easy for her to accept any other's feeling
because she recently lost her love, who died of leukemia (One type of blood cancer )

It's was too early
to accept anyone again
she might have not forget memories of him
or may she was afraid of love some one again. It's not that easy to move on

whom to blame ???
As per me situation

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