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Hello everyone
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Secret of my smile

I stopped worrying about the things that I have lost ,the people that I have lost ,things and people who are meant to be with me are with me and sometimes somebody's absence makes you a better person, cherish their absence it's always a blessing in disguise live your life fully , accept yourself the way you are, be kind to yourself and only then you can be kind to others love yourself and spread that love, life will be hard there will be turmoils , there will be trials ,but that will only make you strong .
So when you except yourself The way you are The world recognises you it all starts from within

it all starts from within

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choose someone, 
who will choose you
 over everything. 
who will never 
give up on you 
no matter 
how rude you seems.

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When the heart is desperate to meet, what will prevent them from hanging. Now the celebration of the victory of Mohabbat will see all the time.

Jab Milne Ko Betaab Ho Do Dil Ek Khwab Ho Unhe Muqaddar kya rokega ab Mohabbat Ki Jeet Ka Jashn Sara Jamana dekhega

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In the dooms of night,
Scars and wound has been closed,
Experiences in darkness of fogs,
And walls sleek in rough edges.
Under the tree where i seek peace,
Pulled by my dreads beyond my resting wheels,
Legs in shackles and hands in claws,
My name you couldn't opine,
Sensed you were down and so was I,
But in spheres of record,
Badge of shame you worn.
In the booms of today's morning,
Voices of Ancestors opine to us in words profound,
"Turn foes to friends" They say!
Memory of slavery's claws brought to us,
Elite our freedom to space.
In purgatory and hell we've survived,
Experiences in fogs toughned our will.
In the wake of today,
Join at the meeting ground,
Deal with others with love,
Get off from roads of indifference,
Rekindle the fire and save your race.
> The ancestors remind us, despite the history of pain, we are a going-on people who will rise again.
TEE-THOMAS(Fearless Lines)

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