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Arshi Dokadia

I am sorry, Your picture is not alongside mine on Instagram today. I didn’t wish you, Or prepare a delicious breakfast, In bed for you. Seriously, I am sorry. It is my stupid notion, #yqbaba #yopowrimo #dearmom #longpoem

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I am sorry,
Your picture is not alongside mine on Instagram today.
I didn’t wish you,
Or prepare a delicious breakfast,
In bed for you.
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  I am sorry,
Your picture is not alongside mine on Instagram today.
I didn’t wish you,
Or prepare a delicious breakfast,
In bed for you.
Seriously, I am sorry.
It is my stupid notion,

Haseena Dudekula

Dear Mom,
The discipline,
The chidings,
The constant lectures,
The forced feedings,
The strict morals,
Is all that I remember,
About my childhood,
Yet I now appreciate,
How hard you worked,
To polish us from raw stones
To shining diamonds !
You remain my role model,
Salutes to you 
my dearest mom and
Happy Mother's day !


Poonam Ritu Sen

For you my mom ❤

आज ले रही थी सिसकियाँ छुप कर अपनों से,
घुट रही थी खुद के ही फंसे जंजालों में,
कोस रही थी कुछ ना कर पायी मुश्किल हालातों में,
तभी एक प्यारी सी आवाज़ आयी मेरे कानों तक
फेरा उन्होंने अपना हाथ मेरे सिर में,
रुक गए आँसूं मेरे , एक स्पर्श से ही उनके,
भूल गयी मैं सारा दर्द उसी पल में,
सो गयी यूँ ही अपना सिर रख उनके गोदी में,
जैसे आराम की नींद मिल गयी हो उनके आँचल में,
आंखें खुली तब महसूस किया मैं तो हूँ जन्नत में   #love u #mom
#rest #YQbaba #YQdidi
#सिसकियाँ #घुट #जंजाल #कोस #मुश्किल #हालात #प्यारी #आवाज #हाथ #सिर #आँसू #स्पर्श #दर्द #भूल #पल #गोद #आराम #नींद #आँचल #आंखें #महसूस #जन्नत #ममत्व #dearmom #DearMom

Sakshi Vashist

I've waited several moons 
To come to you
O, Mother 
Don't you see
The plight in my eyes
At the onset on dusk 
Hoping that before the night falls 
I would become a shining star
Just like you 

 #dearmom #moon #stars

Satish Chandra

#dearmom #LoveLetterToMom #yqbaba YourQuote Baba #SattyLove #LoveForYouMom 💝💝😍💝💝

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Dear Mom,

This is my heartbeat writing on my behalf as it owes to you. You took all the pain in your womb just to make sure that I open my eyes to this world. I troubled you being an infant, pissing and excreting anytime anywhere to which the only thing you did was, clear the mess and embrace me more.

You taught me everything about life being my maiden and the most beloved teacher. The food you cook, The way you scold, The way you threw Chappals at me, everything seems so cute today and when I turn back, I really want to relive that life of awesomeness. You took all finest care of me beside the other two children, Dad and the Family members without even showing a pinch of pain.

I know troubles never came to me because they got defeated by your shield. You've been an inspiration and I won't be wrong when I say, "You are the Love of my Life."

God always take care of my beloved Mom. She means far more than a lot to me.

Always at your feet
Seeking your endless blessings & love
Yours forever
Chotu #DearMom #LoveLetterToMom

#YQbaba YourQuote Baba


#LoveForYouMom 💝💝😍💝💝

Satish Chandra

तुझसे तब से मोहब्बत़ है
जब तुझे देखा भी न था,

तुझसे तब भी मोहब्बत़ होगी
जब इस कायनात़ में नहीं रहूँगा,

तू है ही सबसे अलग, तू ही है सबसे खास
जो कोई और नहीं समझता, तू समझती है वो एहसास,

तेरे होने से मैं हूँ
मैं तेरा ही सजदा करूँ,

तू ही मेरी धरती, तू ही मेरा आसमाँ
तुझसे बढ़कर न था, न कोई होगा
तू ही है मेरी लख़्त-ए-जिगर माँ ।। #DearMom

#Mothersday #Lakht_e_Jigar



Shubhi Mahajan

Dear mumma,
I know that your love and what you did for us cannot be express in words but nonetheless I want to write something for you. I know that I always make excuses for not doing any work and for not studying but today and from now I decided that I will always listen to you, never argue with you and select any one target and give my best to achieve it. As you know that this year my boards are there and an opportunity to give NTSE exam and I know this year you will 
not give me even a simple work to do. So, I promise you that I will do hard study and give my best to clear NTSE and get the top rank in India in class 10.

Love u mumma💕 #lettertomom #dearmom
#mummalove #helpmothers

Ajay Kumar Gattu

Dear Mom,
                   He may be your cute little Prince but never a once you made me feel like I'm not your Princess. You became my traveling companion when my friends ditched me. You took up the role of a teacher for my maths exam. You are my stylist, my dance partner,my first friend, first love and more than any thing you are a  super cool mom.Thank you for everything, mom.
                                                 Not so expressive girl
                                         #dearmom #YQbaba #mom #mothersday

Bhavya GV

Dear Mom, 
I remember when I was 2,
Laying my head on your lap; yawning. 
And you singing a song for me to go to sleep.
I remember when I was 12, 
Laying my head on your lap ; crying. 
And you consoling me while, you cried louder than me from inside.
I remember when I was 22,
Laying my head on your lap ; tired.
And you tried making me stronger everytime.
Now I'm 42, nothing has changed....
'Laying head on the lap' remains same,
It's just that the person changed.....
Now u need me... 
You lay down all your worries, sadness, loneliness, everything in my lap, believing that I'm grown up and I can take care of myself.
The thing is I'm not as strong as you are MOM.
You will always be my SUPERWOMAN ever.
Love you till the end of my breath.

Yours lovingly,
Ur fav soul.. #YQbaba #motherslove #DearMom
#tpmd #tpmdBQ

Snigdha Agrawal

Dear Mom,
I have a confession to make
now that you are dead
but know you will hear me out,
as you always did,
with immense patience.
I'm gay, but could not say,
it would take you away
from me;
leaving me bereft

 #dearmom #yqbaba #readwriteunit #writersnetworks #mirakee #pods