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Marriage Anniversary Puja

There goes a saying: "A
#Marriage can make or break you!" Indeed, happy married life can make your life and a #marital discord can destroy every aspect of your life. Performing a special #Pooja on the anniversary of each wedding helps not only to regain the magic of your #Wedding day but also helps in achieving divine #blessings for the success of your most important #Relationship.


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#OkBye says on- Marital Rape[READ FULL CAPTION]
I insisted him to stop, not because I didn't love him, but cause I could feel nothing like tenderness in his touch, nothing like warmth I would seek for.
He brushed his soul against mine and was able to sense how cold it was! Too cold for me to breath. I wanted to scream and say No on top of my lungs, but I could not because of what he was doing was love then it was choking me to death.
I urged to be left alone, repelled, fraught, cried and at last begged. But all my efforts went in vain. One look in his eyes left me startled, ego, hatred, lust and all the evilness of his heart managed to escape from his eyes and fell all over my body, burning my soul alive.
Hours went by, he teared my inner being and nothing like affection intimacy or ardour was left Among Us to cherish ever. morning rays touched a life less naked body lying on the ground and passed right through the newly cracked soul, but somewhere among the Chaotic voices of my heart and self, my ears managed to catch the chuckling of an angel my little baby girl.
How and where she was of the fact that her own father was a monster. but I cannot tell her or anyone ever. I should hold my broken self in and make breakfast for the man who raped me last night because this is what I am supposed to do right?
I surely will... Because once in a white serenely exquisite dress I said  "I do" and hence he never have to ask me again because this is his right?
If he is married to me how can he rape me? There is nothing like marital rape, right?
It was, it is and it will always be, how.?well I guess the write up will assist you in figuring it out.

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For Happy Married life, worship Lord Shukra on #Friday

#venus fundamentally rules over the #Love and relationships, brings riches in the #world of native and controls the #marital- relations and maintains conjugal bliss. hanting the Shukra Shanti Mantra, while performing the puja is said to Please #lord Shukra. When the Shukra is favourable, it promotes a life full of success, beautiful 3family life, and #spouse, satisfying the relation between #husband and wife.


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Marital Rape
It was her first night,
Everything was alright.

Her husband entered the room,
And unveiled his bride.

She was excited and shy,
Not knowing How to explain him her plight!

She closed her eyes
He seemed to her wise.

He whispered 'you are mine'
It was a beginning of their life.

He embraced her,
And asked to get ready for the night.

Poor soul!!
With hesitation in mind,
She can't make it tonight
As she is having menses and pain so high.

Lascivious husband, not heard any of her cry
And undressed her with his hands so wild.

She kept screaming - 'No my Husband, not tonight'
He take off her clothes and soul, both with pride.

Four walls mocked at her,
And saw the brutality of beast in dim light.

He came over her
Injecting pain,
Droplets of blood coloured the white bed.

He celebrated his victory
As the domination of' MAN' won again in this 21st century.

He left her there
After quenching his thirst
And fell to sleep like nothing happened
She lay there too, bursting out into tears.

Marriage had always fascinated her
But now she got it,
It is just a licence to rape
And no time is taken by a lover to change.

Family has never heard of phrase
Called 'Marital Rape'
So her complaints went in vain.
The court asked her-
To leave,
As this is what to be kept in between the two
Making it an issue is shame for the rest.

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#काश वो सपना होता #marital rape #RDV18 #nojotohindi
जब माँ ने मेरे सामने तुम्हारे साथ शादी का प्रस्ताव रखा तो एक अनजान शख्स के साथ पुरी जिंदगी कैसे बिताऊंगी इस बात का डर मन मे जगा

जब हमारी पहली मुलाकात मे ही तुमनें मेरा दिल अपनी पयारी पयारी बातों से जीत लिया था सात जनमो का साथी मेरा मैंने तुम्हे मान लिया था

जब तुमने मुझसे वादा किया था कि मेरी हर खवाहिश के लिऐ अपनी हर जिद छोड़ दोगे तुमने ही तो कहा था मेरे लिए चाँद तारे भी तोड़ दोगे

जब मेरे बोलने से पहले ही तुम मेरे मन कि बातो को भाँप लेते थे और एक बार कहने पर ही सारी बातो को मान लेते थे

जब तुम कहते थे कि शादी के बाद मेरी जिंदगी को खुशीओ से भर दोगे तुमनें और आँसू का एक कतरा भी आँखों मे नहीं आने दोगे

जब लाल जोडे मे सजी आई थी तुम्हारे घर अपनी पूरी फैमिली को छोड़कर तुम्हारे साथ एक नया रिश्ता जोड़ कर

जब उस सुहाग वाली रात को तुम आ रहे थे मेरे पास धडकनों का तेज तेज धडकने का हो रहा था मुझे एहसास पहली खवाहिश रखी थी ना मैंने तुम्हारे पास कि आज की रात मत आओ मेरे पास पर तुमनें एक ना मानी मेरी बात और जानवरों कि तरह तुमनें किए थे मुझ पर वार

जब हर रात तुम कमरे मे आकर मेरी तुमसे दुर रहने बात को अपनी जिद्द के आगे एक मामूली चीज समझकर छोड़ देते थे और हर रात ना चाहते हुए भी मुझे अपनी वासना की आग मे झोंक देते थे

जब तुम्हारे शादी से पहले किए गए वादे बस एक छलावा लगते है और तुम्हारे लिए मेरा साथ तो बस एक रातों कि जरूरत सा लगता हैं

अब तुम मेरे पति नहीं बल्कि हर रात मेरा बलात्कार करने वाला वो बलात्कारी हैं जो हर वक्त जंगली जानवर कि तरह मेरा शिकार करता हैं

अब ना तो मेरे अंदर मेरी आतमा बची ना आत्मसममान बस जिसम बचा है जो हर रात तुम्हारी जरूरत पूरी करता है

जब तुमने मुझे इतना कमजोर समझ लिया हैं तो आज तुम्हे तुम्हारी गलतीयो का सिला जरूर दूँगी और एक बात आज जरूर कहूँगी कि कमजोर ना समझना नारी को नारी हैं माँ , बेटी और बहन तुझे तेरा अस्तितव देने वाली कब मिटा दे तेरा बजूद ना करियो इससे बेर-2

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