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निमल प्रजा

निमल प्रजा


May 20th poem✍🧡🧡💛 #holiday #may #Poetry

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May 20th

May twentieth is today
Victoria day holiday
Fireworks and parties
A day off work to play

Screaming loud music
Rocking to a classic
Speakers go booming
Today will be fantastic

©Schizology May 20th

#poem✍🧡🧡💛 #holiday #may

Namgyal bhutia

#Namgyal683#😅🤣😂😇🤣9#may2024# #Comedy #💕💕💕💕💕

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May 5th , 2024 #may poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Random #Poetry

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May 5th. , 2024

The rain looks like it's coming
Dark clouds off to the west
April is the month for showers
Afterall , mother nature knows best

The birds are chirping up in the trees
Every one of them singing their song
They each have a story to tell
About happiness, anger and what went wrong

Drinking coffee and smoking a joint
Listening to the traffic speed past
Cars and trucks and motorcycles
They all go by quick and fast

Music is playing on my phone too
Set on shuffle it plays continuously
Sometimes I will skip to the next song
If it is a song I had heard recently

I think I will finish this poem now
I think I will end it right away
Until next time I decide to write
I will say bye and write another day

©Schizology May 5th , 2024

#may #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Random

Namgyal bhutia

#Namgyal670#😜😜😜😜😜Shorts#Videos# 6#may2024 #Comedy #🙂🤫😍🥵🥰Shorts

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Venkatesh Agarwal



May *U* Never *Fail*
May *U* Never *Lack*
May *U* Find *Favour*
May *U* *Succeed*
May *U* Always B *Happy*
May U Be *Great*
Why? Bcos it's *MAY*
[ *M* ]iracles
[ *A* ]awaits
[ *Y* ]ou

*Have a Blessed Month*❤

©KhaultiSyahi #safar #May #welcome #new #month #khaultisyahi #celebration Happiness #Mayday #international_workers_day #MaharashtraDay


#ComingSoon #Coming #wait #may #thismay this May I'll be coming live 😉 Date? It's a secret..🤫 #Motivational

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ashita pandey बेबाक़

One can't help not to love someone 
you see its not you its the heart who decides whom to give space and whom not to 
Not every love will be rewarded with love back 
I can't unlove you,because my love is deep 
It grows day by day for you 
It's my responsibility to resepct my love and feelings 
even if it isn't welcomed
I would preserve it in my soul 
You grow love 
You stay happy 
Your happiness matter ....
#sincerly a one sided love 
#my love has depth 
#may you be blessed with whoever whatever you want 
#yes i am a mess

©ashita pandey  बेबाक़ #relaxation