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Choose happiness over satisfaction! #NojotoQuote

Let me ask u a question. Have you ever been completely satisfied with something? Something dat you were waiting for years long and for which u can do anything. Well, I think Satisfaction actually matters when u get happiness through it! Not every person finds happiness only in one things.. their happiness differs in many aspects.

A small poor boy was watching another boy having a colourful candy n he wishes for it but this world doesn't let everyone become a rich person or either atleast to meet their daily requirements. The boy who was the only source of income in their family of 2 sisters n mother. He was working at nearby hotel for daily wages n that money was not sufficient even to have a 2 time meal for his family! He wanted that candy for his happiness but he chose to earn money and give it to her mother for their happiness as he felt happiness in their happiness! But everyday when he sees dat candy store with many rainbow bright Color candies he always had to turn his head behind n go his way for work! He used to think that the shopkeeper puts all those candies just to make the boy jealous and make him work more to buy those candies and every day only 2 or 3 children used to come his shop for those candies and he thinks that those candies were made for him and only him so that no one else wanna buy them! Those days he started working more and more to save some money for those candies and one day successfully he got enough money to buy them ! He got one delicious looking rainbow coloured candy which had sugar sprinkled on it and wrapped with a thin butter paper! He was left with some money more. He according to him was the happiest person in the world now ! All the way to a bench which had a great view of river and a side trees he was watching it with so much of love! N now he removed it's wrapper and licked the candy with his tongue with great love( a 12 years old boy would have eternal love towards candies and biscuits ofcourse!) But his taste buds didn't like the candy. They refused the candy to touch them again because they hated the lichi flavour! They insisted the boy to throw it away. The boy was upset as he bought it with so much of love and working extra hours but his tongue didnot like it..! He was unsatisfied and unhappy! He threw tha candy down and went home n gave those remaining money to his mother! His mother was more happy today because his son has bought more money than everyday n she made his favourite delicious dish for him and his sisters n his tongue was happiest now and so he! He forgot that candy now! And now whenever he sees that candy shop he actually thinks that the candies were not waiting for him but they were not gud to b bought 😝 n now while going to work he saw a new doughnuts shop which seems to be delicious than anything in the world for him!😅

Whenever you aim for something don't get totally dependent on it! Always put a side option so that you won't get depressed at a time if that goal doesn't satisfies your soul..! There is nothing wrong if you don't like the thing for which you were waiting for years! It is just like u were waiting to see what u actually wanted with your life.. life is always a journey where you gotta see many places and have many other experiences; some good and some bad. Set a goal and try to reach it.. if it doesn't satisfies you and doesn't give you happiness; Not a big problem! Go for some other goal now; but never think that you have wasted your time for the thing which didnot give u happiness! U had a beautiful journey to reach one of your goals in life.. life doesn't always give u a smooth pathway! It will make u learn what suits you well and what is good for u and what is not! You can make many wrong decisions in life; just learn to let go.. n go for some other goal in life. Try until you get actual happiness with that satisfaction which you were aiming for!
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She asked: 
Why do you love me?
I don't look so good,
I don't talk with everyone properly,
Your friends doesn't like me,
I'm always messy and get into troubles,
I always...

He stopped her, held her hand, pulled closer to him and looked into her eyes and said...

Hey.. grading is for others dear, you are always the best for me.You are my soul and how come someone not love their soul.
You are the reason for my survival, I need you for my completion, You are my love, my need, my life,my everything❤️ #NojotoQuote

Your imperfection is my perfect love...

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I know you love me, but due to unimagined behaviour of mine, i hurt you the most, yes i don't need alltime saying i love you from you,as you always shows your love from heart, whatever the critical situations we get in our relationship, no body knows what's the next will be, but i promise you i will never leave you.. I am all yours forever, even cannot imagine anyone in my dream, my love is always alive for you my sweetheart, please forgive me what i did, i promise i will never repeat, i apologize, i have lots and lots of shame what i did. Once again i am sorry my love. I love you Shamik. 
Happy valentines day ❤️
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Weather quotes Messages तरस गयी है आँखे तेरी उस मुस्कान के लिए ,
जो मुझे देखकर तुम्हारे चेहरे पे आती थी।।  #NojotoQuote

#Smile_ #Always.. 😊😊😊.. Khushwant Deo, Tanshi Saini, aarti nigam

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M always yours... my love... no matter what comes in life but you will always be my positive vibes..


my commitment

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