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Jyoti Jamlingappnavar

Aacky Verma

हमने भी तुमसे प्यार कर लिया जुल्फे लहराई और सिंगार कर लिया तुम हो जाओ बस तैयार हमने तो अपने घर वालो को तैयार कर लिया @aackyshayari #Marriage #Shayari #loveshayari #loveforever #MarryMe #happymarriage #arrangemarriage #willyoumarryme

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Priyanka Rathod

A man should be 
brave enough to 
propose a girl 
(will you marry me) 
in front of 
their parents #proposeyourlove #willyoumarryme #manshouldbebrave #writer #yourquotebaba #yourquotedidi #parentsblessing


पीयूष D. sarve(dil_ki_baatee_)

Love #willyoumarryme

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Meri ankhon ki palkon me ho tum ,👀
Meri dil ki har dhadkan me ho tum,♥️
Dil ki baat hai jo bolna chahata hu....🫶
Kuch sawal hai ??
jo mai tumse puchna chahata hu,
Mujhe bhi aapne dil me rakhongi kya!!🫂
Mera dil rakh ke , khud ko mujhe sopongi kya!!!
Kya tum mujhe khud se zada pyaar karongi kya!!!💜
Chalo kuch na sahi bas ye bata do ki tum mujhse shaadi karongi kya??💍👩‍❤️‍👨🌹

©पीयूष D. sarve(@ bunny) #Love 

Annruzai Fernandes

She is the best girl in town. 
But just a compromise in life she'll make
She'd say "Yes" for the marriage without the mutual consent and put your life on stake

Looking at her sense and mainly her behaviour, 
your parents, too, 
will give in their consent for this marriage. 
Rather than marrying the one who takes you as a compromise, will you marry me? 

She ll keep you as a husband in your own house which is an art. 
No matter I'll keep you always in my heart. 
Everything came right from my heart. 
But after reading this, I am pretty sure you'll have a good laugh. 
But still, marrying someone who'll never understand you, will you marry me? 

She maybe the richest one. 
But No AC, No Wifi, 
No luxuries I own. 
I ll pour my heart out for you. 
Will you take my hand and do the same when it's time for you. 
Rather than marrying the richest one, will you marry me? #yourquotebaba 

Annruzai Fernandes

An unknown girl will come
Not your heart but your appearance she will see
Will fall for you at the very first sight
And will nod "Yes" for marriage in a hurry. 

I agree, for your good, 
Your parents will decide
But rather than marrying an unknown one, will you marry me? 

Then they will play with you
Some will look at your house and some will look for material things you own
After all this, they will ask for all the luxuries you own. 
Then they will compare the status. 

Only for your good, 
Your parents will agree. 
But rather than marrying someone who looks at your status first and not your heart, will you marry me? — % &— % & #yourquote 

Khata Hiren

#truelove #willyoumarryme ❤️✨✨✨✨✨trend

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